What’s New Beauty 2012: Body Care

Body Care


Make-up candy, angel skin creams, stylish packaging, beauty 2012 is placed under the sign of design, humor and sweetness. Cosmo tells you everything you need to know about body care trends in 2012. Follow the guide!

What’s new beauty to the radius in 2012? What will be this year’s trends shower gels or creams spread over his body? Cosmo tells you everything in this selection of body care in 2012.

Repair your skin during the winter

During and after the winter, we repair the skin thoroughly with ultra nourishing care, history of having a baby skin once the summer arrived. So to show off the sandy beaches and charming her lover with a very soft skin, it repairs the damage of winter.

  • Nourish your skin can be a real fun time. With this body milk cream-like dessert, it moisturizes the skin with relish. Soft Body Lotion, Completely Nuts!
  • To take care of dry skin , the focus is on targeted treatments. The very dehydrated skin choose an ultra butter with shea butter: Ultra Repair Concentrate 100% shea, Yves Rocher.

Of gourmet products for the shower

In 2012, we will want to wake up in the morning just to get to shower!

Organic shower gels, but ultra hungry, invade our bathroom.

  • Thinking green with this shower gel that reminds us that water is precious! And with these notes of oranges and wild herbs, do not hesitate to be green! Stop the water while using me!
  • It delves into a moment exotic shower gel with coconut, lychee and almond. Bio Gel Beauty by Nuxe.
  • After their shower gels gourmet macaroons, creator of The Beauty Club offer their know gourmands. It decorates your bathroom with beautiful buttons … that foam! Pink, strawberry, vanilla, blueberry or biscuit: we eat!
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