What color dye your hair



The chestnut: color fashion

In recent times, the ideal woman was blonde. What began with the stereotype of Marilyn Monroe and reinforced with actresses and fashion models and actresses. But that model is outdated. The great icons of our day as Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Casta are brunettes.

Since tones chocolate, caramel or cherry dark colors are in tune with present preferences that you can apply yourself at home, as the leading brands of color, are ammonia products that do not damage the hair and color enhancers contain formulas that provide an impressive brightness.

How do I color my hair?

  • It is essential to choosing the right color, so that does not clash with the court or face. Do not choose more than two shades lighter or three shades darker.
  • Aseverate that the hair is untangled and dry, open the bag of Balsam Color preparative put it in your hands and gently massage the hair by widening the balsam root to tip, then let sit for one minute .
  • Then, put on gloves and prepare the cream mixed with dye and activator of color to your hair color and brightness maximum.
  • Without rinsing hair, prepares, and the mixture spreads evenly. Wait for the time indicated depending on whether it is the first time or is just a touch. After massaging the hair to the color intensity stoke ends rinsing the hair with water.

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