Types of skin

Types of skin


As we know there are various skin types and many ways of classifying them in the main are:

Dry skin causes .- This pretty little fat or oil or natural. With the rays of the sun, wind and pollution aggravates this situation.

If your skin is dry, feel free to use, moisturizing and increase omega three fatty acids when eating their food (those of found in fish, flaxseed and others). Use a cream or lotion oil-based cleanser and obvious products containing alcohol.

Normal Skin. – Feel lucky if you have this skin type. Since this arrangement has a smooth skin, no black heads and open pores. No oily or dry areas. People with skin types require only a basic beauty regime to keep the natural balance.
But every skin needs care to keep it healthy and beautiful.

Skin-It Sensitiva. – skin smooth and delicate, slightly dry and ready to allergic reactions. As climate changes, and cosmetics cause it strong or abrasive irritation, leaving skin with visible red and sometimes blood vessels. People with skin types need to use alcohol or PABA-free products (used in sunscreens).

Oily skin. – This skin is characterized by over production of Sebille and oils which cause pimples, open pores, black heads and pimples.

The advantage of this type of skin that stays younger longer. It requires very special care and thus prevent over-drying in the measure. It is very important to keep it clean and to use oil-free moisturizer that does not shine.

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