To take care of your hands .. Moisturizing creams and injections and Restylane

Moisturizing creams


In one of the flights carried out by Chris Saljardo between New York and Los Angeles, finally, note that one of the women glamorous sitting on after a few Alocefv front of him, said Saljardo: «It looks as if it were in the forties, it was at the top of her beauty and still retain Bbashrtha lush dewy, as it were of the nature of the very quiet ».

This was a remarkable compliment of Sljardo president of the American agent of the Hair, but when he looked into the hands of Ms. Tdakkan are on the laptop its opinion that her hands were carrying a lot of wrinkles and brown spots. And suddenly jumped to her appreciation for at least a decade, and so exposed her hands her real age.

Times in the past were the manifestations of aging appear on their owners easily, do not escape from it, but thanks to the presence of skin care specialists and plastic surgeons, it will not be able to at least the next generations of those who can afford to leave those processes of nature do what you want their faces. They will not tolerate jaw relaxation or ptosis, for example.

But the war that was waged against the black spots and the emergence of veins and similar symptoms declare encroachment of years on the hands, did not begin until recently, and seen by some as the battle that could pose a greater challenge than combating facial wrinkles, because the skin in the hands is often thinner than the face, and may be more vulnerable to the vagaries of time and treachery.

For some people, their battle with wrinkled hands are fought in the night with some moisturizing gloves and a blanket of thick creams for hands. Has pointed to a recent report in July of the company «Nelson Combe Research Marketing» based in Illinois-based, that the skin care sector grew globally by 60% in the last four years.

There are others, such as Saljardo do not leave their homes before putting sunscreen of sun on their hands, while the number of people resort to other options such as the use of fillers and other injection methods in addition to the use of lasers that remove wrinkles and stains.

Says David Colbert, skin-care specialist in Manhattan, which participated, among many, in the research department at the skin care and Olay Regnrist under the supervision of a home Tomanovic «The movement against aging is gaining a lot of force. People have begun to focus on areas of their bodies is their faces, hands and entered in their accounts as well. For skin care professionals, the battle is in full swing ».

Mahave says Marilyn, 63, a retired professor: «I did not care one day my hand», but now she does not sleep before you put on gloves and Baltrtaib known as «Moisture Jamz».

Suggests Dr. Michael Salzhor, a plastic surgeon at Pearl Harbor: «every day and ask me one of the patients, at least, on how to re-fresher hands. The Dr. Robert Lewis, skin-care specialist in Baltimore, makes it clear that the interest has increased in recent care of hands, has to do with the economic situation «People need to work beyond sixty, then they do not want to seem as if they were at the age of retirement» .

Moisturizing creams

He pointed out that the American Society for Skin Care, and which he was elected as its chairman the past two years to provide information sessions on Hand Care, explains: «We did not do so before, but there were a lot of requests on this matter».

In Washington, a Beauty hands began to get very popular among politicians. Says Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi specialist skin care at the Institute of Surgery Laser Skin Care: «aware of women politicians is well worth the skin care, and the importance of physical appearance, when they want to ask one of the issues and trying to market to the masses, the hands indicate significantly on age, and then the appearance of health Hand Tenbadan which gives them a great advantage to youth ».

And one of the most prominent signs of aging, is the dwindling size of the hands, making Azamanma prominent, as well as veins, and often intentionally Louis to inject the veins with a solution to help alleviate the problem.

This resort to some doctors inject the hands substances such as Restylane fillers to increase the size of the hands and relax the veins and tendons of the hands to make less prominent. And Restylane is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in the facial area often cost $ 3,000 and be completed in one session and continue to influence the injection for a full year.

But it can cause some problems in the short term, such as the emergence of some blue areas, swelling, itching, allergies, and if that process were conducted in the wrong patient may face some complications, however, does not stop a large number of people on request.

The injection is industrial is also one of the options that the convergence in great demand among the likely cosmetic surgery, says Dr. Sydney Coleman, plastic surgeon in New York, which has developed one of the plastic surgery, which is based on suction some fat from certain areas of the body and then injected in his hands.

And that process will cost at least $ 12,000, because the results last for about a decade.The side effects of that process, it is very simple compared to other processes. And is that patients are exposed to skin redness and swelling for a short period not exceeding three hours, and that method is a combination of existing methods.

Says Dr. Tanzi if a people is suffering from brown spots, I «often use a laser, because it helps greatly to remove the color on your hands, and then after that comes the skin wrinkled and in order to address this situation, we are trying to stimulate collagen in the body using a laser».

Says Ellen Seroot, one of the skin experts from outside the medical field, and condemns her exemplary, Edran them a lot of money thanks to the work as a model for them, it is possible to obtain beautiful condemns, without resorting to injections or laser.

Over the years, the Seroot which surpassed forty years, working on the development of a new product called «Ellen Seroot Parvkhn Hand», which hopes to light it out next spring, noting that «what I’m trying to do is pair the baseline I use vegetable oils avocados, omega-3 … Etc. with advanced technology created by the beauty industry for the face ».

But if you want to have to condemn the beauty of my hands do not look Seroot two veins or wrinkles, it is fully committed to all the time, says she did not cook cleans her husband was holding my hand for a decade.

It also moisturizes her hands once every hour at least, the parties to soak the nails in lemon juice to keep them whiter than white, and has hundreds of different styles of gloves does not dispense with it, but designed gloves covering the back of the hand only to people obsessed with their own hands.

Her husband is the one who does all the housework, including survey ointment stains your hands on the handles of the doors. It says the writing on the computer as possible but without pressure on the muscles, and make use of the pen in narrower limits, and even signed a horizontal manner. In cases where it is not her husband is present to open her car door, turn to Seroot through the use of movement as movements ballet dancer using her wrist and knee.

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