To take care of your beauty .. Natural means safer



For beauty care by natural means safe .. To solve many of the aesthetic problems that may be difficult to resolve industrial preparations .. there are many of the recipes tested safe ..Some are very old due to the actions of celebrities and beautiful women throughout the ages in order for them to beautify and adorn themselves ..

Including what is modern, modern and depends on demonstrated research benefits of modern aesthetic for many plants and natural materials, which can use it sometimes in the image of an individual, through their integration with other materials to increase the effectiveness of the product, and the purpose of benefiting from it.

There are many means of natural beauty, in the hand, the most important of vegetables and fruits, which is one of the oldest and most important means of cosmetics for the body in general and the beauty and brilliance of the skin in particular.


The islands of the oldest vegetables known to man, and I accept to be addressed after realizing the benefits of their great health. It is noteworthy that the Greeks and the Romans who first told about the benefits of the islands, they came in their writing since about 230 BC, and is the islands of the means of basic cosmetics, since it is one of the richest flora in vitamin “A” .. This vitamin is necessary for the health and safety of the skin, so it enters in many natural products for skin care as will be seen.

As the beauty experts that eating fresh carrots regularly has a clear impact as an antidote to the spots and blemishes of the skin, and also works to improve skin color and serenity in general. Not only the benefits of the islands on the skin only, it is useful as well as food for healthy hair and eyes to their need for essential vitamin “A”.

The option of cheap vegetables available in our hands, characterized by the health benefits and aesthetic many may overlook them .. Vllkhiar clear impact astringent for large pores of the skin, so it enters into the work of many of the masks (the mask), in addition to being well suited to women with sensitive skin in particular.

The option also evident in the effect of whitening the skin and get rid of dark circles may appear under the eyes, and get rid of stains and impurities that may affect the face. In the periods of the summer, juice option is used to treat Lye sunburn, and moisturizing skin.

Lkhos of great historical fame .. The ancient Egyptians praised its benefits as food beneficial to the ability of nationality, and therefore called the “plant of fertility” .. He was also the main food of the Greeks .. And enters the lettuce in the preparation of many cosmetics, which is characterized by a moisturizer for the skin effect and thus is useful in the work of an insulating layer saves the skin from the sun’s heat and the effect of the wind.Due to the richness of many vitamins and properties of a detergent effect, it enters in the preparation of many of the nutrients the skin and facial cleansers.

The impact of the Potato in the disappearance of the swelling that appears under the eyes .. And use it in the form of fresh fillets Kkmadat use of the eye. It is also one of the best potato detergent and soft drinks for women with sensitive skin .. But her impact in the treatment of allergic skin paint position infected potato juice or compresses the work of the segments .. Also used this same method for the treatment of sunburn.


For the treatment of sunburns experienced by women in the summer, whether in the face, shoulders or recommend action compresses the juice of strawberries it may effect a strong moisturizing the skin, and treatment of abrasion and burns.

And those who suffer from yellowish teeth Nnsahhen eating strawberry juice frequently is one of the best teeth whitening and Ijmlha. The intervention of strawberries in the work of many masks due to force the clutch to the pores of the skin, which is especially suitable for women with oily skin .. As well as the effect of feeding into a cleaner and good for the skin.

Tomatoes in the past known as: apple of love, little known in Europe as wholesome as food since the sixteenth century, and spread in the first place in Italy.

Madam, if you notice your skin pore widening in the face or other parts which offend the view of the skin, it is the best that can be relied upon to narrow these pores is the use of tomatoes in the form of slices or juice. The unique properties of tomatoes in the field of cosmetics they fit very oily skin and very dry skin, and are therefore often used in the work of the masks.

Lye is used parsley drenched excellent to rinse the hair dark .. The antidote to peel the hair .. Also uses parsley soaked in cleaning oily skin or accompanied by the appearance of acne, because of its effective in ridding the pores of excess fat and dirt deposited them.

It is also drenched parsley of the best possible use of Lye or Kgergerh of the mouth, and to overcome the repulsive odor of some foods (such as garlic) used gargling sufficient chewing parsley or a few sticks of parsley.

The mint was known for the first time among the ancient Egyptians, and Greeks and Romans used it .. The olive oil was used in body paint .. In addition to pools of water .. Also used as an aromatic.

Mint and health benefits and beauty of many, it is used Kmenqua (tea) for the treatment of disorders of the colon, and soothing syrups .. This also uses soaked (cold) wash and moisturizer for the skin, and has also the effect of the resistive patches and pills face ..Peppermint is also used in the work of bathrooms as a refreshing overview of the skin.The peppermint oil of the most important essential oils used in manufacturing soap and smells.

Lemon juice is used in various purposes .. It is used as a holding of the pores, and thus is useful especially women with oily skin, where exposed to the deposition of excess fat and stuck to her skin from fouling Bmsam .. For this purpose, use a thin layer of juice in the paint the face, then rinse with warm water after a dry completely .. And repeats this paint.Lemon juice is also used as an antidote for freckles or patches of the face, where it helps to hide .. And is also used to remove the yellowish teeth Bdekha juice frequently.

Of hibiscus (or Mallow) the effect of a strong disinfectant for the skin… Therefore used to spray the hibiscus as a treatment for ulcers or infections Alsididip. Hibiscus is also used in the work of some hair dyes.

Apricot .. Of the richest fruits in vitamin “A” and this makes it one of the best food for healthy skin .. As well as hair and eyes .. Effect is characterized as resistant to wrinkles and contractions and therefore enters into the work of the masks. Apricot juice is also used to paint hands, Vicsabhma softness and vitality.

Apple is one of the oldest means of cosmetic since many of the germs can not survive in the presence of apple juice .. Therefore, it is often used in the work of skin cleaners, and rinse the hair, masks, and in the work also features apple cider vinegar health benefits and beauty of many.

Orange enters into the work of many private cosmetic creams Hand Care, and masks, and shampoos. It is the most basic ways to take advantage orange trees, is the use of orange peel it off after all the fruit in the hands, let alone, working in the bile Balakecr to lubricate the skin of the hands and the demise of roughness and cracks.

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