The varnish nude, user manual

The varnish nude, user manual


This is THE big trend next fall nail polish: nail polish nude. To help you choose the right varnish and the right tone to suit your skin tone, Cosmo asked Elsa Deslandes, creator of the range of Gemey nude polish Maybelline, his advice. Follow the guide!

Varnish nude: user manual
It’s a real tsunami tidal wave that is taking place in recent weeks tied with the foundation for the nails , nail polish nude color is, so to speak!, which is torn off.

Elsa Deslandes, manicure, has created a collection of seven colors nude Gemey for Maybelline. She explains how to choose the tone that suits us.

“To create this collection of nudes, I am part of the extreme shades, beige is the nude skin clear, and chocolate is one of ebony skin.

The varnish nude, user manual

In between, there were just imagine!
I wanted each nude skin finds its ideal, not just a color in his complexion, but a true shade that enhances the nail naked. Just as a foundation. You have to work adapting pigments to the skin but also in the light.

I always used to create colors. For parades, the fabrics are my inspiration. I conducted the same way, by trial and error to get close as close to the color I imagined.

What is fun with this collection is that every nuance can be played in reverse and color mode or not his skin color to. Chocolate is magical pale skin and light colors are spectacular Metis or dark skin. Each can interpret these varnishes as he pleases or so.

Like all makeup, some harmonies to respect and associations to avoid. It’s a question of skin “.

It’s your turn … Elsa with tips that we give you below!

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