Save money on your beauty routines

beauty routines


If you do not have the resources to pamper, this does not mean you should sacrifice your beauty and see each other much less beautiful.

Here we let a few simple tricks and tips to save on your routine.

Since the bet does not have to see you leave the context of money, but everything has a price, and skilled enough to be a little creative to get your beauty routine save. Take note of these tips:

  • Achieve thicker lips and nicely delineated, with a natural and inexpensive solution: undivided or cinnamon pinch of cayenne with Vaseline. And rose to your lips and you will feel like a bit irritated, enough to make them look thicker.
  • Masks and we spend more. Since the key to a mascara makeup is only in the brush, that’s where the magic is. The solution is that once you invest in a good mask, and once finished, keep the brush clean and can be reused with a mask cheaper.
  • Olive oil is your best friend because it is a product multitrabajoso and helpful to our face. You can use olive oil as a conditioner for your hair, with a tablespoon of oil, leave on for 20 minutes and then proceeds to wash his hair. But you can also use it to your skin as a moisturizer or scrub, adding sugar.

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