Radio spots to stop smoking



Among the resolutions for the new year, there is the famous “I quit smoking.” But not easy to take if one is not accompanied and supported. To help those who want to quit, several radio spots will be available until January 11 to promote the online Tobacco Info Service (39 89). Among the topics discussed, the resumption of smoking after childbirth, weight gain during withdrawal or the problem of cigarette break.

While smoking cessation is often part of good resolutions taken during the New Year , the National Institute for Prevention and Health Education (INPE) said the importance of support during the weaning period. As such, the telephone line Tabac Info Service, opened in 2006, is the subject of several radio spots aired until 11 January.

The opportunity for everyone to learn about the opportunity to receive a free personalized guidance, produced by a single tobacco specialist throughout the smoking cessation.

The seven radio spots aired until January 11, 2012 depict a phone call between a smoker and a tobacco specialist Tobacco Information Service.

Topics include, for example, the resumption of smoking after childbirth, weight gain during the weaning period, the cigarette break, coaching online, or stop smoking during the holidays.

A system of text messages to quit smoking had already been established.

The INPE said that nicotine replacement treatments are reimbursed by health insurance for 50 € per year maximum. A figure that rises to € 150 for pregnant women.

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