Prevents nails from splitting

Prevents nails


It is irrelevant that split a fingernail because it creates a mismatch with the long fingernails of the other and tend to crack at the least opportune time. Our nails are split by several factors and these alter from person to person.

Caring for nails
Preserve your beautiful hands and nails always valiendote cream or oil after washing or exposure to soap and water. Use disposable gloves for activities that wet hands when possible, such as cleaning or domestic services.

Avoid activities
Take moderation with activities affecting your nails like flossing.

And avoid the wire touch the edges of the nails, just using your fingers. There are other activities that concisely how you are cut the edges of the nails.

Strengthen nails
The nails are broken dried and too weak disposition. There are many ways to strengthen your nails.

Shape of the nails
The tip-shaped nails or very Concord are more vulnerable to breaking.

The nails mean square (square with rounded edges) or slightly oval are more resistant.

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