Permanent hair removal semi-final

hair removal


Smooth legs for 3 weeks … or forever? We all dream. Discover without delay Cosmo advice for hair removal that lasts. long!

The hair breakage and regrowth fast when: after a shower, puts on her jeans without a moisturizer. Or when you zap the box scrub once a week. The result? Two days after depilation , the touch, it stings now. We do not like.

Long-term secret
Skin prepared is the base, with gentle exfoliation once a week and hydration of the legs every day after showering.

Then all is the sense of pulling: ideally, the wax is applied in reverse hair, from bottom to top, then is pulled in the direction of the shoot, from top to bottom.

To repeat twice the same area. Cosmo + is thought to care antirepousse to slow hair growth. Otherwise we can also offer 4-8 sessions, as appropriate, permanent hair removal laser Ipeelie, a new generation of laser painless and effective skin also Metis. Its specificity? A scan of the area continuously with a progressive heating. So, you do not feel anything, and there are 30 minutes instead of 1? H? 30 for half legs + bikini + underarm.

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