Natural oils are useful for lovers of saunas

Natural oils


Things that might need these days to rest the nerves and get rid of tension in one of the duties and responsibilities, spend some time to pamper yourself and immortality to it, and there is nothing better than saunas.

They are in addition to being a place to relax, you may be a chance to meet a dear friend you are not allowed access to them and your time away from the atmosphere of the office or home, except this is an opportunity for fresh skin to open pores and get rid of dead cells and the like.

Some go further than this by taking k «Spa» can spend a long time in which to pamper the soul and body.

Natural oils

They frequently accept the use of natural oils in order to obtain more efficient results, although the Association of German saunas in Bielefeld, warns of the need to codify it, saying he should not use saunas lovers perfume concentrates, natural abundance when water is poured on hot rocks.

The reason according to them it may infect other allergies. But they say that the percentage that adversely affected a few, and generally prefer the use of products derived from plants or branded guaranteed to avoid any side-effects.

The different impact of Perfumes varied on the nervous system of man, While it may raise some tension, others can feel the relaxation and comfort.

For example, help fragrances extracted from pine trees to help calm the nerves while the perfumes derived from the plant lavender (Lavender) to relax, while it purifies the smell of eucalyptus and mint nasal channels and facilitate the process of breathing. The smell of citrus, like grapefruit, oranges, lemons, body grants a sense of energy and strength.

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