Makeup: 7 products to change your life!



A dash of eyeliner done in two minutes, an illuminated stained in three strokes to blush and lip effect “mouth bitten” by a greedy balm: the dream is not it? Well thanks to Cosmo, the dream becomes reality with products that will beautify you in no time! Small selection of those products that will change your life…

Sometimes just a little to make very nice. A cream gel placed while transparency on the eyelid, a feature of liner to stretch the eye, a pretty blush to awaken the complexion and finally, a touch of gloss to a greedy mouth and pulpy. If you have more time ahead, we took the opportunity to draw the line of his eyebrows in pencil.

They structure the face and shows off a beautiful eye makeup. The bonus: hands nail candy with pretty pastel nail polish. Ready to take on spring with these products, while simple, but we will change your life!

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