Madam you .. Perfumes warm in cold season



Perfumes many overlooking us this season, carrying with them a diverse Abqa woven from the world of flowers, musk, amber and precious wood.

While some of us remain true to the old perfume, the majority fall under the temptation to search for that new fragrance that tickles the dream.

This is what companies perceive the world and to meet the launch lineup in this period specifically, where the self is open to the beginning of a new year full of optimism and hope.

Combinations of many competing for halaal income and make you have a captive, some re-installation of old icon of perfumes such as «Chanel Nmbr 5» and «Shalimar Aencial» for «Gerlan» dismantled or mitigated and the introduction of the new components to suit the age and temperament.

It is customary now that fragrance helps to improve mood and memory as activated renewed energy and stimulates the memory, as well as its positive effect on the brain and strengthen immunity.

But not every fragrance has this effect, there is a perfume may not be compatible with the mood and thus can give the opposite effect.

Hence the search for distinctive fragrance that is not an easy process in spite of how much perfume before every season.

The golden rule is to choose what fits with your personality and tastes and moods, and not drift to buy a fragrance because you like your friend use it, and remember that each chemical composition of the skin that react with the oils and ingredients are different.

Make sure you always on the experience of perfume before you buy it, and if you’re not forced it is OK to wait a while until you get used to your senses it.

Chtbreh spray on the places where pulse Kalmrfiqin and wrists and the back of the ears because they emit a strong heat, you can also scattered some drops on your hair because it absorbs the odors in a slow and kept a long time.

And usually prefer to spray perfume directly after a shower, because the skin is clean and the pores are open and ready to receive the aromatics.

Most perfumes are currently on the table next to the power and courage and the other is calm and classic, making it warm in this cold season.

Company «Donna Karan» Perfume returned this season «DKNY GOLDEN DELICIOUS» that contains a whiff of rose water with a mixture of orange flowers and Casablanca Lily and Orchid Vanilla, Mogat, in addition to the mix of sensuous musk, sandalwood and teak.


Company «Thierry Mugler» Thierry Mugler in turn revealed the limited version of the fragrance «Alien», consisting of jasmine Nfhat glittering take us to the world of gravity and swings between spirituality and Nfhat wooden inflame the imagination, and a whiff of extra soft transparent white amber.

The «Azzaro» cold weather broke a bunch vibrant colors and softness and femininity at the same time guaranteed fragrance «Jolie Rose», which is a blend of soft flowers and citrus fruits on a base of musk and wood Nfhat.

It is limited groups also put David Euerman fragrance surrounded by an aura mysterious from the east, where it mixes with the wood agar natural, wood, oud, with hints of flowers Bulgarian and Turkish, as well as the composition of a distinctive gathering plant coriander refreshing and Geranium, saffron, raspberry and violet with jasmine night to confer the fragrance a touch of rich and bold.

The fragrance «CK» can Nkhtzareth three recipes .. Delicate and charming and spring, as fragrance begins «ck one shock» Bnfhat strong passion Passion, and pink peony, poppy and black berries, jasmine, narcissus with the flavor of chocolate and liquid amber, vanilla, and musk Albchola.

The suit goes on «D & G» declared since the end of this line in the field of global fashion brand and merged with the original «Dolce & Gabbana» .. It seems this plan did not include perfumes that culminated this season fragrance «La temperance» made of amber and musk-Latif, which reflects a balanced and harmonious women spontaneity.

And put «Banana Republic’s» perfume new «and Aeldblom» Wildbloom celebrating with joy and optimism and spontaneity, was developed by perfumer famous French Jean-Claude Dulfiel of the company «Drum», which was used fragrance «Hebreh» extracted from flowers fruit in addition to a mixture of flower camellia Shaza wild with wood and musk and pink velvet skin.

In addition to that put forward a whole year «Chanel N.5» a combination of new and unique express the elegance and charm of French women.

Include the composition of fresh and bold at the hints of jasmine and orange flower of Tunisia, and Alang Alang from the Comoros, sandalwood, vanilla and others.

If the eye before you eat the stomach, the eye breathe a perfume before you open the bottle.

On this basis, perfume makers pay special attention to the form of the bottle, (Sharia) cards, the most prominent designers to create a distinctive design of the perfume bottle into the front house on the one hand, and a means to attract the largest number of fans of the perfume on the other hand.

The best materials are used for this purpose, Vdavid Euerman, for example, in a limited-edition, crystal bottle created the stunning red Persian, crowned with sculpted gold cap inspired by the designs of Jewelry «Cable» feature of his mark.

And shine a bottle «and Aeldblom» Kthfah masterpiece, where the top image of the front flower bottle is made of the skin adds a wealth of sensuality and tenderness in harmony with the nature of women that you place it.

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