Learn how to help your hair



As always women caring significantly less frequent, but usually more careful focus on certain parts of our body.

Our hair as something that we believe we must carefully executed. But keep in mind that often do not always do the right thing.

Since many years there have been myths about our hair care as it should. Wash it every day, often placed softener. Put aside all that and start from scratch. You’ll find that many things you did were not suitable for good care.

Here are some tips for keeping your hair well maintained and tested as you know some of them:

  • Do not wash your hair too much and you remove all the protective layer of the scalp.
  • No curl hair with a towel. It weakens the hair. Secatelo air dryer or a low power.
  • Cut your hair every certain period of time. It is important that the open ends disappear as soon as possible.
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