Is improvement «Aalauja» Women’s sexual function?

Women's sexual function


Yoga, the ancient Indian way of the foot, to reach a targeted relaxation, and to exercise the body and recovery, gained thousands of fans in the United States of America.

Yoga has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, and reduce blood pressure, and reduce joint pain, improve function and alleviate various pains, and a lot of physical and psychological problems.

A new study was not therefore surprising that the help of yoga in enhancing sexual function; According to a study published on the «Sexual Medicine», November 12, 2009, the exercises of yoga on a regular basis improves many aspects of sexual function of women, including: the desire and irritability, euphoria and overall satisfaction.

The study included 40 women were healthy, aged between 22 and 55 years old, who registered in a program of yoga in India.

The majority of women are married, and all of them sexually active.

Women's sexual function

Has been instructed to that posts Infzn a protocol of 22 and a yoga position, which positions are believed to have positive effects on exercise pelvic muscles, digestion, and functions of joints, and mood.

(For a complete list of the 22 Balodaaat, which was used during the study in India.

Has been changed to suit various positions with the requirements of women who have been unable to implement any particular position of yoga in its entirety.

And each post has to enter information in the leaves of standard questionnaire particular sexual functions at first, then after the completion of the program, which lasted 12 weeks. The program included an hour of yoga daily, followed by breathing exercises and relaxation.

Improvement in sexual function
By the end of the program, the researchers found an improvement in the total points of the functions of women’s sexual achieved by the posts, in the six bands have been evaluated, a desire, irritability, and Lubricants (secretions), and ecstasy, pain, and satisfaction overall, especially among women who increased the age of 45 years; as they have shown great improvement in irritation, pain and discharge.

He said 75 per cent of women; they were more satisfied with their lives after sexual yoga exercises.

However, the main limitation of the study is to being a small study did not include comparison with a control group. The researchers, who are researchers from universities in New Delhi and Mumbai, they are now working to involve more women in the study included a control group.

Women's sexual function

Means to enhance sex
Despite the scarcity of evidence, so far, the role of this medium, some of the research assumes that the means of other Eastern, including the «full awareness or vigilance» mindfulness, acupuncture, can also help to improve sexual function for women.

In one study, for example, led the way acupuncture to relieve pain, and improved the quality of life in women with cases of ill-Faraj (vulvodynia) painful.

In another study, relaxed way «vigilance» pain in women Almaniat of problems in the desire and irritability.

Although yoga has been subject to studies on the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men (premature ejaculation), the above-mentioned study, published in the journal «Sexual Medicine», may be the first to look at the effects of yoga on the sexual function of women.

If you would like to practice yoga; there are classes for exercise, and video recordings to help.

There are many different styles of yoga, the most secure, but some of them may not suit many, because of the severity.

Consult your doctor before going ahead with the practice of yoga, if you’re older, or suffer from physical limitations. You can practice a type of yoga called «Aaingr» iyengar which they are used blankets, furniture, and terracing, belts, to help people who can not physically exercise.

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