How to Have Winter lips hydrated

Winter lips


The cold winter wind that usually accompany and heating to overcome them are nothing beneficial for our skin, let alone that of the lips, especially thin and delicate. It is therefore very important to hydrate and protect them from inclement weather, either from the outside with the right products, and from within our health care.

Taking care of your lips is something to keep in mind all year, but in winter the skin deserves special care. And not just enough to hydrate from time to time, we must ensure also exfoliates and protect them from radiation.

Review them with the dry tongue
The first step to having lips care is simple, but it is a common misconception that continually falls: pass the tongue surface. The automatic response when the notice is dry moistens with saliva, but that only makes drying it out more.

At this time is the time to apply a lip balm that moisturizes and protects from the cold, wind, heat and artificial heating. It is also important that the product contains SPF to avoid further damaging effects of radiation. Suitable aplicarnoslo bedtime to avoid waking up with chapped lips.

Exfoliate without irritating
But when evil is done and we have the skin raised, we should avoid chew the skins and, instead, exfoliate surface with a soft toothbrush that will not irritate or worsen the condition of the lips.

Once we have completed the outpatient care, do not forget to hydrate from the inside by drinking lots of water. It is recommended to drink two liters (eight glasses) per day, which help to keep our skin smooth and juicy.

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