How often do you wash your hair?



For my part whenever I have the opportunity to try to help banish the false belief: the hair and scalp should be washed frequently, even daily, as part of the usual ritual of personal hygiene.

There are two main reasons for this practice. The first is, as I said, a purely hygienic, as the washing removes dirt and debris environment desquamation and secretions are deposited on the hair and scalp.

The second is that in those cases, which in my experience there are many-where a product is applied on the hair or scalp always remain unabsorbed remains that if not removed by washing becomes an added difficulty for absorption when we make the following application of the compound.

There is still a good number of people who say rejection of the idea to wash your hair every day as more and more professionals recommend.

This is mainly because these people find that washing and rinsing them off a lot of hair (especially if suffering from some type of alopecia), and reflecting widespread wrong but still think that if they delay the wash them less hair fall.

Unfortunately this conclusion is absolutely wrong. The hair comes off with the wash and rinse hair is “dead” that falls into that particular moment because of the manipulation. Simple way to explain it: If someone loses 700 hairs in the weekly wash, if it goes to wash your hair every day lose 100 each time. On the other hand, it is important to note that washing is the first step in the strategy of treatment for any type of alopecia.

What shampoo should I use?
Frequent washing of the hair must be accompanied by a correct choice of shampoo to use. If the scalp does not show any alteration choose a mild shampoo for frequent use. There are many brand names that offer this type of product on the market.

If, however, there is peeling or excessive seborrhea will alternate between that and a mild shampoo or dandruff shampoo seborregulador as applicable. There are also shampoos that fight both states to mixed picture. It is very important to note that currently have no seborregulador shampoos rebound phenomenon (its use does not increase sebum) and allow frequent washing to get healthy, lustrous hair.

Finally, if your hair is rough, dry and brittle should use mild shampoo with a mask to bring back the lost moisture and softness.

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