Here are quick solutions to incidents of sudden beauty



Despite the desire of women to look like the most beautiful, but it may occur in many cases, the mistakes of cosmetic has turned panoramic attractive to disaster offensive, though exaggerated to remove hair on the eyebrows or the use of products is poor or non-friendly to the skin, but always there is a solution to every problem no matter how was great, here are some easy to implement tips to help you fix what happened to the re-radiant panoramic.

At least there is a bad experience for all of us through life spoken of by the elements of our beauty is a particular problem and this is something very natural, especially when dealing with skin care treatments and ways to make-up, but we regret later on, falling out.

However, some problems require a long time until it is repaired, such as over-treatment to remove hair on the eyebrows that need to be a period of time to grow again, and the harm it may suffer from some skin lotions, then… It’s time to Ttzlha the following advice to modify the genius and beauty treatment disasters and learn how Ttfaalan intelligently in critical and sensitive positions that produce them.

Reform panoramic fatty disgusting:
Come times not are able, during which to prepare for the unexpected things, especially if you’re in a great collection of people, whether during the celebration of an important, special event work or outside the home to spend some of the widgets, which may result in the secretion of your skin you plus of fat and it affects the overlooking negatively, and the solution is simple:

  • Always make sure to keep some leaves drying of skin with you.
  • A small amount of face powder (powder) to restore the panoramic smooth your skin.
  • Click sponge powder on your skin instead of the work of friction, and thus ll you continue to fill pores and replace fatty texture acceptable.

Reform exaggeration to remove hair on the eyebrows:
Are a lot of women in the problem of removing hair from the eyebrows in exaggerated, believing that it confers on her face beautiful, but on the contrary cause to do so a number of health risks simplest suffering from headaches different, in addition to poor general appearance of the face, and the negative view of it by the of others.

However, if there can be cured by adding a very small amount of makeup to get the perfect eyebrows by following the following:

  • First: Tejeri Pencil eyebrows that fits with the color of your skin and your eyebrows.
  • Identify your eyebrows natural form of the pen.
  • Place a small amount of face powder to install the form and the selection.
  • Finally, use a brow brush to color the area that the hair was removed from them.

Fix a problem and you are sweating out of the house:
Raises the sweating weather and seasons of the year, especially in warm or medium heat, in this case do not be upset… Just do what follows:

  • Use antibacterial put your hands on a very small amount of it on the areas from which the race a lot and can be visible.
  • So you Takchin your body the appearance of any undesirable because of the smell of sweat.

The emergence of a blister, which destroy your appearance before an important event:

Show pimples and acne sometimes suddenly on the skin, may occur immediately before going to an important event which prevents the form of the face, wounding him with some inflammation or swelling repulsive, and to create the impression is free of defects you this quick fix:

  • The use of a cosmetic or use the home remedy for a spot.
  • Then put a very little amount of product defects to hide your fingers and then place the blister or spot.
  • This combination will work as a mask and hides your problem in a perfect fit.
  • Put the finishing touch to this reform by adding a thin layer of translucent powder on your face completely.
  • This guarantees you a great consistent and uniform color.

Most people use the method of granting skin suntan:
If you can not put this combination correctly, seek the help of this method to remove the effects of excess skin pigment from some different areas on your body and your face Follow only the following:

  • First Use Loew wet your skin for peeling.
  • If you do not come from fruits desired use a slice of lemon as a remedy is final.
  • Rub the skin with lemon to lighten and remove the effects of dye them.

Stained nails:
If you’re in a hurry, you may Tzbben in staining the nails or peeling layer developed by the manicure because of the haste and the solution:

  • Keep your hand bag with nail polish.
  • Put a layer of paint over the parts that Tqchert.
  • Leave the first layer to dry then apply another layer.
  • To create a view with a uniform color.

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