Hair oil for shiny hair: SYOSS Beauty Elixir

Hair oil


Who knows she has very dry hair situation, each new product that promises to help with this one nice and shiny hair that is identical under the microscope. So it went with us also new hair oil Syoss, the SYOSS Beauty Elixir.

When you get Syoss salon care at really good prices in DM, Rossman and Co. – because you can not complain. The Beauty Elixir falls with just under 10 € a bit out of line and is not sooo cheap as shampoos, etc. – but it’s worth, the light hair oil makes your hair really super soft, glossy and shiny and smells elegantly for hairdressing product. Oily hair is stringy but not yet.

The Micro Oil Lightweight formula offers three variations to nourish damaged, dry hair, you can accomplish so even to the hair-dream look of Kate Middleton. Split ends, hair breakage and lack of luster in any case, no one wants.

The Lightweight Mirco Oil formula has valuable care oils that nourish the hair and smoothing the hair structure. They are completely absorbed by the hair, without leaving any residue or to complain. A few drops suffice:

The Beauty Elixir in the palms and distribute evenly incorporated into the hair length and hair tips. The three versions of the application: As a preparatory treatment before washing applied to dry hair, nourishes and regenerates the hair.

After washing, incorporated into towel-dried hair, it looks like an intensive treatment and gives the hair care and protection, without the need to be flushed out. As a styling finish, even on dry hair, it makes for silky and shiny hair (really). So, who suffers from straw-like mane, should Syoss beauty elixir Test it!

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