For or against the foundation for nails?



The new trend is directly from the U.S. (what else?): Apply her nails a foundation … nail. Cosmo tells you all about this new fashion fad!

The foundation for the nails, what is it?
Riding the wave of nude makeup, the makeup nail is the result of collaboration between the American manicure queen, Jenna Hipp, and RGB, a brand of nail polish bio. HIPPxRGB was born! Specifically, the foundation is a nail polish color flesh is applied alone or based on nails.

Besides the fact that “dress” the nail in a very subtle, the foundation for nail hides imperfections (such as streaks of the nails, for example).

The foundation for the nails, a hoax?
At first glance, one would be tempted to say yes: after all, the foundation for the nails is neither more nor less than a nail polish of a neutral color (beige or pink for fair skin drag chocolate for darker skin tones) as there is already a lot. Yes, but the nail polish “traditional” does not form the basis, at the risk of yellow nail … the foundation for a nail so real use.

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