Dry Shampoo and Co.: Help for greasy hair

Dry Shampoo


Oily hair is naturally very unpleasant, and you have to maintain special. The reason for this is often an excessive production of sebum, which can be triggered by hormonal changes, but also by increased psychological stress. To get a grip on oily hair is important mainly a mild care.

When it comes to oily hair to ask questions like: Does more frequent or less frequent washing? Which shampoo is right? Should you massage your scalp when washing or better not? It is, moreover, contrary to popular belief, not so good to wash your hair as infrequently as possible, on the contrary:

If the scalp massage while washing, the sebaceous glands are freed from excess sebum, so that the scalp and hair so that no grease behind so quickly.

Help is about the series Schauma Cotton Fresh; it is designed for mild to very oily hair. The formula with cotton and aloe vera extracts contains no silicones, removes excess fat and is gentle to the scalp.

Practical: The dry shampoo gives the hair an extra day without washing fresh hair.

The cotton extract removes excess fat, Aloe Vera is known for its moisturizing effect. Excess fat is tied to the scalp and rinsed in the wash. The Cotton Fresh dry shampoo when things go fix needs to approach the greasy hair spray and to incorporate. It is then brushed off carefully without leaving residues in the hair.

And the Cotton Fresh Spray-care promises a lasting up to 48 hours freshness effect. The products are priced, they cost from 1.99 to 2.99. As a home remedy you can also try lemon rinses, and who often wears caps or hats, you should better go without it, because that can make hair greasy. And who wants to run around with already-stringy greasy hair…

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