Diet ensures strength of the heart thicken and the body



Recipes that talk about weight loss are many and most of the people they adopt random and haphazard, just because it prepares them to reduce rapidly the weight, knowing that this type of prescriptions may cause medical complications are many like pebbles in the gallbladder and the loss of a large amount of muscle mass, as well as hair loss and the appearance of wrinkles and malnutrition resulting from lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, not to mention it increases the possibility of retrieving the lost weight faster.

On the other resorts are some who consider eating pleasure refuse to deprive themselves of them, to products that are invading the market, Kalchrimat slimming, and clothing that causes sweating, the disks that «burn fat», or herbs that cause diarrhea, to achieve the dream of thin and similar things affect health.

From this perspective, stresses Nutritionist Randa Fahd on the importance of adopting a healthy diet, pointing out that «it is necessary to address the rights and on a daily basis, foods that contain carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which are rich in naturally with vitamins and minerals that the body needs, in addition to drinking water, not forgetting the importance of the role of sport and exercise on a regular basis ».

Leopard also noted the importance of attendance on basic meals a day, saying «we are talking about diet, maintain health and weight. At the level of health, it is skipping a meal from basic meals, feel more hungry and was eating more food, and this is what hurts their health.

Also miss eating any meal, do not maintain a stable weight, as some believe. Therefore, not enough to eat three meals a day, but it is better to support things between the meal and the other ».

So, I talked about what Leopard knows Batabq food and said «a dish is divided into two parts. The first combines fruits and vegetables, and the second, containing a quarter of it, a food rich in carbohydrates and in the other quarter on a diet rich in protein.

For example, in the morning can take one cup milk with a sandwich of cheese added to it some of the vegetables, this meal includes three of the basic items that should be available in the dish of food, and to incorporate protein and fruit can also address some of the nuts and an apple or a glass of juice with it ».


And the types of foods you should stay away from them, refers to the Cheetah saturated fats only because there are some species of which are useful for the body. Saturated fats found in meat, thigh and skin chicken, whole milk, which can be replaced with skim milk.

But should adopt this diet permanently and continuously? The cheetah is yes, because a healthy diet, she said: «spare the human lot of health problems, especially the problem of obesity experienced by males in the Middle East, and that cause heart disease, diabetes, stress, and for some diseases, cancer».

Studies indicate that there is a rise in the rate of obesity among male children, due to «provide a ready-made meals provided by restaurants and affordable prices on the one hand, on the other hand because of the busy mothers working outside the home, thus depriving the family of eating dishes home».

She adds: «Unfortunately, while the West tends more to eat dishes, Middle Eastern beans, kidney beans, chickpeas and Albulalh, the children consider that these dishes are not on the fashion and reject it, and here comes the role of parents in educating their children to eat healthy food provided by the Arabic food ».

And the number of kilograms that can lose fat person who supports this type of diet, cheetah answer: «I would recommend always must pay attention to health, first, because of the weight reduction alone is not enough.

Probably does not give a healthy diet which I talked about quick results in terms of weight loss, but it helps to maintain a stable weight after losing excess pounds in the long run. Vatabq food, which advised him, includes all the basic materials needed by the body but in small quantities, note that it can be eating chocolate and sweets, too, should not exceed 150 units of heat.

And stresses the cheetah not to control weight per day by saying: «On the other hand can be done twice a week so as not to turn into a mania, in particular that a person can be observed an increase in weight from day to day, but an increase is not often, because of the fat to accumulate, but because of entrapment of water in the body, as a result of drinking water and eating food that contains salt, which is get rid of it automatically the next day ».

And addiction to some of the soft drinks «Diet» any of it without sugar on the basis that the road to health and fitness, indicating Leopard to it are two types; the first available in some types of foods such as milk, yogurt, margarine, butter, reduced the amount of fat which, these products can be addressed, and the second is a Drinks «Diet» is totally rejected, because it is not healthy at all.

The latest research recommends that people who are addicted addressed, sufficient glass and one of them every day, because it contains 6 teaspoons of sugar.

Important in this diet also confirmed that Leopard takes into account the health aspect in the first place, and thus can be for people who suffer from heart disease and stress, be adopted.

It also helps people who suffer from depression, if they added to it a little nuts, but it does not recommend it for those who suffer from kidney disease, because the proteins and the meat does not suit them.

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