Chemical peels .. The more profound the results were dramatic Part 2

Chemical peels


Deep peeling method
First, take a long time and is the most painful and complicated. You may get pain reliever or sedative, in the form of injections or doses taken intravenously, and anesthesia may be the person entirely.

And can be used as an observer of the heart and the person is given fluids intravenously during the operation because phenol is toxic if absorbed the body in large doses.

This may not be necessary if action was confined to the Peel Region and one or a small area. After cleaning the skin completely, use the chemical to the skin and allows that Etcherbha.

There will be a rest period of 15 minutes before moving on to the other to avoid the presence of large amounts of polyphenols in the body. The operation takes in total 60 to 90 minutes, the patient needs to leave work not less than two weeks to judge the operation time depends on the type of healing process and the depth, and depends on the care of the skin afterwards.

This is important in all types of peels to accelerate recovery and to obtain long-term results, and to prevent infection and to avoid any change in the color of the skin in the treated area, which usually result from exposure to sunlight.

Chemical peels

Similar to skin care after peeling to a large extent the care that must be obtained before the operation and include the following:

  • Constantly cleaning
  • Change the dressing or ointment used on the wound (to the operations of medium and deep peels)
  • Moisturize skin daily
  • Avoid the sun until it stops peeling, with the use of a protective cream of rays all the time. After stops peeling, it is recommended using sunscreen on a daily basis because the new skin is vulnerable to the sun.
  • Some doctors may recommend using Tretinoin cream at night, for two weeks or three weeks after the operation. Why hold such operations?
  • Use of surfactants to improve the peeling skin that suffer from freckles or scars caused by acne or permanent exposure to the sun, or to reduce fine wrinkles. The process may include the face and other parts of the body, and its impact is not strong.
  • Use of the medium peels to treat fine wrinkles and skin damage due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, changes in skin pigment.
  • This process is carried out mostly in the facial area. And the results are not good.
  • Processes used to treat deep peeling deep wrinkles and skin damage due to exposure to the sun on the long-term phenomenon, and changes in skin pigment.
  • Take place in the facial area only and does not take place in dark skin types because they cause Twhith, and the results are strong and dramatic.

But you can not perform a chemical peel, with the exception of the surface, in the following cases:

  • Use Aasutritnion product, which is used to treat acne. Recent surgery of the face, as this may make the growth of skin again is difficult.
  • The weakness of the immune system, as this may delay healing and increase the risk of infection and changes in the color seriously after the operation.
  • Sensitivity to some drugs how to achieve good results?
  • May ease the process of peeling the surface of the signs of aging, or skin damage due to exposure to sunlight, but will not kill it. May be some time before the outcome of the process, when there may be few, which makes the person subject to several processes before it gets the desired result.
  • Can be a medium peel is very effective in reducing wrinkles and the effects of minor skin damage due to sun exposure, but it needs to another process, after three or six months, to get the best result.
  • The results of the peel deep and clear after the first attempt, it removes wrinkles and strengthen skin. In general, no person may be subject to the process of deep peeling again.

Risks and complications
The more deeper peeling was more risk, and can result in the following:

  • Redness of the skin: It can be a greater degree of redness in the peel of the deep, and with some types of skin. The redness that disappears within a few weeks and may continue for several months.
  • Change the color of the skin: may be areas that have undergone treatment for lighter or darker than the surrounding areas.
  • Desquamation or peeling skin
  • Swelling of the skin, especially around the eye
  • The appearance of some scars
  • Sensitive to some chemicals
  • Infection: It would be suffered by patients with herpes are more vulnerable to infection.
  • Increased sensitivity to sunlight may cause peeling of the deep using carbolic acid some serious complications during the operation, and this includes heart problems, liver or renal failure, although this is rare.
  • It is very important during the initial period following the operation (before the end of the process of peeling the skin), to avoid exposing the skin to the sun completely, and after this, it is necessary to use a protective cream from the sun on a daily basis to reduce their effects.

Chemical peels .. The more profound the results were dramatic Part 1

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