Beauty: The favorites of the season at low prices!



Discover new beauty products back to the lowest prices. Of body oil or shower gel with raspberry, discover cute and affordable items to get a beauty trend without breaking the bank!

For this back in 2011, Cosmo offers a selection of beauty products strokes heart. But not just any! Indeed, it is not always easy to replenish health when we know that our budget is already tight back.

But this year, we have to do with the means at hand … The solution?

Original articles and adorable to take care of yourself and be good at a smart price.

We take care of your body for a few euros

Discover an almond oil Nourishing Body or the scent of sesame, camellia and argan for a taste of paradise. You can also use it on hair for shine and feed in one go.

At the start, it also benefits the benefits of fruits with scrubs and shower gels to chew. Coconut, raspberry, ginger or lemon tart … Make your choice!

A smooth face with no imperfections

Cosmo offers in its selection of cheap shots at heart of care that will prevent your face of wrinkles and imperfections. Because when the job takes, stress, too, and it shows on your face!

A roll-on that fixes all the little redness, a serum that soothes the skin and gives it a boost … What to be ready to experience all the little annoyances of the season!

At the start we are pleased

Who says new words back! So we are pleased with makeup easily affordable. In T. LeClerc who reviews his entire collection of cosmetics for Steam Cream which is in the uniqueness, your beauty products are the trends for fall!

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