Beauty: All the beauty secrets of Rihanna

beauty secrets


On the occasion of 100 anniversary of the brand Nivea, R & B pop diva Rihanna lends her image to the famous little blue box. Cosmo met her in Paris for you and gives you all the beauty secrets that have made her the wonderful woman she has become.

Rihanna all her beauty secrets

Twenty-three years, 15 million albums sold 32 million fans on his page. On stage, her looks often oscillate between improbable episode of “Star Trek” and lingerie pub.

A kind of perfection that is glam fly. That day, during the interview, surprise: it is nature. The first shock. In addition it is great, beautiful and sculptural. Annoying? Not even. Makeup nude, sexy but not daring, not adjusted too, is the real Rihanna . The evidence.

Rihanna, a tomboy

Small, it runs on the beaches of Barbados , where she was born. And then everything grows very quickly forms as size. At that point she was elected school beauty queen. She is the first surprise.

“I was a tomboy, I passed the mirror by accident, I wore with the fingers, I did not really care for my skin.”

Ado is his grandmother who introduced him to the Nivea cream. “She kept saying,” If you put in every day, you will see how good it is.

It follows the simple principle of his grandmother -mother. And recognizes today, a flash supported, but with real conviction that his efforts have paid off: “And now, I have a beautiful skin.”

No Nivea, no Rihanna? In any case, the fair has a special attachment to the blue box and its contents, to the point of asking all flesh and smile on the birthday box for published 100 years of the brand.

“The first time I saw my face printed on the box, I was very proud.

With Nivea, I share some values, and the certainty that take care of your skin is to take self-confidence. ”

A healthy girl

Let’s look at the beautiful. Teint perfect as the jet lag can not interfere. White smile. When she moves, we could mention “Attention fragile, luxury product”, as it is protected by a swarm of press, of bodyguards.

It is believed unreachable, we will never ask him a question, here it is suddenly to be loose. And understands that we are there to ask simple questions, not for the trap.

Then her beauty ritual? “I get enough sleep, I drink plenty of water for my skin is hydrated and radiant and I play sports as often as possible. Before leaving, I apply just the moisturizer with SPF to protect me from UV. ”

In his bag, foundation, mascara and lip gloss, it can not happen.

Rihanna does not need more. The lipstick, it reserves to the scene.

His mother, professional makeup artist, she learned the essential gestures: “Few foundation, but the eyes highlighted. ”

Simplicity and natural values in everyday life, with a dose of commitment – it fight against illiteracy – another ecological awareness – when the development of her scent, Reb’l Fleur, she refuses the tests on animals.

A show-girl

See it now in its clips. Red hair, false eyelashes, combination leather and suggestive poses. Before going on stage, she rubs oil body glitter. One way to get into the skin of the character.

It may say that being elected beauty queen made her feel funny, then she becomes aware of its potential bomb. And polishes. She bites her nails painted as a person crushed plum, it blinks eyelashes that even Betty Boop would ask for lessons, she look more trouble than disturbed or disturbing, it’s a skill.

But Rihanna is a hard-working, who chose the rigor of the song and dance levels. Hours of training, non-stop rehearsals, she never lets go, but cheerful and lively girl, she lets his enthusiasm all the time.

Refraining from the whining, it denies fatigue, lassitude denies, and says: “Even on vacation, I work.” Spread the word.

Its beauty tips

  • His thing next party: drink plenty of water and apply a touch of gloss during the day.
  • His trick grandmother apply the foundation only where needed.
  • Antifatigue his thing: apply a thick layer of mask cream of the Sea.

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