Bad makeup can generate “Important Visually Impaired”

Bad makeup


The cosmetic use of “inappropriate” may lead to the emergence of styes, eye redness or tearing.

“To get the pearl or pearly tone of eye shadow, pearlescent pigments are used, a substance also used in paper and decorative items.”

Warns that the risk appears when some producers use the substance to reduce costs in the manufacture of cosmetics.

“This over,” he warned, “can be very harmful not only for sensitive eyes, but in general, causing eye irritation, conjunctivitis or allergies.”

He insists that it would be advisable to avoid “at all costs” so-called ‘cosmetic cheap’, those who are in stores or bazaars type ‘all for one euro. ”

In such cases “not only the product components can compromise eye health.”

“These stains can be contained in unsafe containers that do not guarantee that, when manipulated by traders, the makeup is isolated from contaminants.”

Also the use of other products, apart from eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara or that are of low quality, can be harmful causing the appearance of infections, styes, redness, tearing, itching or irritation (symptom of infection).

Choose cosmetics that specify the components
Recommended to choose cosmetics that specify “in clear” substances of which it is composed, and always be recommended by an expert to advise what is best suited for each particular person.

“The eye makeup, for example, depends on the sensitivity of each person, for this, we recommend the use of hypoallergenic makeup, be careful that these allergies are not going to over time.

In any case, it is important not to use them for more than six months since its opening, as the makeup also has an expiration date. ”

Regarding the hygiene standards that must be taken into account when applying makeup, Alonso should avoid “a gesture common among women” as is sharing makeup.

“This is for personal use, since infections are transmitted through brushes and eye pencils, so it is essential that all these items are for the exclusive use of the same. It is very important to keep them clean.”

Make “fit for glasses”
Eye makeup is also suitable for people with glasses, but it is important to consider the type of lens to get the desired result.

“We must take into account whether the ranking of the glasses makes the eyes look bigger or smaller, in the event that the enlarged, ideal to apply black eyeliner inside the eye, while if the decrease in the outside, it gives the illusion of a more open “.

“If the frame is light,” “let the light and the eye will be more enlightened, so you can choose shadows in strong tones.

If, however, is a saddle marked, the eye will look darker and makeup would be advisable not too much. “

“Eye makeup will always be safe”, “while taking into account the risks involved in opting for shadows, mascara and pencils to poor quality.”

Effects “can not only be unsightly and uncomfortable, but also produce chronic infections that can result.”

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