5 tricks to show off the perfect smooth

5 tricks to show


Almost no one is happy with what then has not it? Since those with straight hair curly prefer, and those who have curly do anything to get that straight hair they crave. If you’re of the latter and want a perfect straight hair, here’s how to get it.

Get a picture like that enjoy extra smooth hair. But what about the majority of women whose hair is rebellious by nature? Home show you some tricks so you can look straight hair:

The plate, finishing last: to get the hair to finish you want you can go to the plate, much better if it’s ceramic. It is important that this is the passing on totally dry hair, if it is wet just get burned.

Smoothing Shampoo: choosing the right shampoo is more important than we think. You must use the shampoo that suits the characteristics of our hair. Now many brands have launched straightening shampoos. Opt for one of these that help control frizz.

Wooden comb, comb the time, get a wooden comb or a boar’s razor. These avoided electricity and allow you to better control the hair.

Hot air: the drying time is when the hair suffers the most. It is recommended that the air is very hot. The movements of the hair should always be smoothing, from root to tip, avoiding the generation of waves.

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