Wrap up in style

Wrap up in style


This season will find a wide variety, from fur boleros to the “trench” long-haired fur and astrakhan are most “in” the moment.

First of all

It would be advisable to buy a coat of quality as it is a garment you can wear other seasons. It is preferable to opt for quality fabrics or the timeless, in these cases.

Are you in the past?


The skins are synonymous with luxury, glamor and sophistication. They got fashionable in the nineteenth century, was first the sealskin and were gradually including other animals. This season the fox and, above all, the Astrakhan have become fashionable materials. This trend has many admirers and detractors, and the organization PETA criticizes the use of fur in fashion.

Wrap up in style


A knotted at the waist coat in any color mode is the best choice for the days not too cold. There is nothing more feminine than the urban and trench, successful insurance.


The catwalks this season have been witnesses of what military takes inspiration again. The double breasted long coats are best, and if you combine them with different colors of army green the better.


We remember the 70’s and rescued parkas and suede coats worn in those days. If you want to dress casual and keep warm, this will be your ideal shelter.

Imperial Russia

Betting on Russia’s imperial style when choosing your coat this season, with luxurious prints, embroidered in gold and silver thread, brocade fabrics and leather details on the pockets, cuffs or neck.

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