What’s New Beauty 2012: makeup



Make-up candy, angel skin creams, stylish packaging, beauty 2012 is placed under the sign of design, humor and sweetness. Cosmo tells you everything you need to know about makeup trend in 2012. Follow the guide!

What’s New in 2012 level up? How to dress your lips this year, lipstick, gloss, moisturizing balm? What powder brightens your complexion? Competing brands of inventiveness to offer an innovative product in a packaging aesthetic. In 2012 the makeup is girly and delicious. The gloss is pretty nest boxes and we would like to collect the powders reveal a floral pattern very spring. We love this makeup jewel that we want as much packaging as content.

For a glowing complexion

In 2012 we want to have a perfect complexion but not his face plastered to match. Fortunately brands vying for the imaginative foundations to make sailing on our skin. Dream Nude Airfoam, Gemey Maybelline and Dermablend corrective 16h, Vichy. – On target areas of the face that return the most light and there deposits a veil of light through an illuminator. Meteorites Cruel Gardenia, Guerlain. – The blush is the ultimate accessory for a fresh complexion. We chose the cream version of its moisturizing and powder form for a velvet finish.


The Orchid, Sisley , Blush Eclat Minute, Clarins , Prism Blush Bucolic, Givenchy .

For a captivating glance

  • We choose pastel colors for a soft look: Palette Lancome. We also like the makeup very girly, used for a make-up day and night in their pretty box: Shadow Taffy, Jelly Pong Pong
  • Or on the contrary, we remain faithful to the smokey eye but is available in colored version with an eye as limited edition camouflage. Palette Dior. – The eyeliner is unbeatable for a glamorous evening makeup. And to be a doe-eye in a flash, we put stickers on the eyeliner!

For greedy lips

  • We love the packaging really too cute for a fruity lip balm or gloss vitamins. Born Lippy, Body Shop and Orchid Lip Set, Jelly Pong Pong
  • Why choose an ink lips, a lipstick and a gloss? Yves Saint Laurent brought together three in a slight gloss, moisturizing and shiny. Varnish Lipstick Pure Couture, YSL. (Discover how lipstick is made for you!)

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