Trend varnish: the rainbow manicure

Trend varnish


To break the routine and to blackmail our fingers, we opt for a manicure color rainbow sky, also known as “rainbow manicure.” Focus on this trend definitely positive!

The “rainbow manicure”, what is it?

As the name implies, this consists of applying manicure her nails the 7 colors of the rainbow.

To do this, we choose a varnish for each color in the spectrum of the rainbow in the sky: in order, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue, dark blue and purple.

The rainbow manicure can be broken down as flag rainbow sky . If this flag is culturally associated with the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender), it appears in many cultures as a symbol of peace, diversity and harmony, each color has a symbolic meaning – the red life – orange for healing and health – yellow for the sun- green for serenity and nature – the turquoise for art – blue for harmony – purple for community spirit

Unlike the rainbow flag rainbow skies are only six colors.
Flag or rainbow sky for you to choose your side!

Trend varnish

How to apply six or seven colors on 10 fingers?

It will not have escaped anyone this problem highly metaphysical. There is clearly no absolute rule on the matter if it’s a treat!

The rainbow manicure trend or is it tacky?

Again … It is up to you to answer this question, even if it is true that the rainbow manicure support themselves more easily the summer, swimsuit and beach.

However, we also like the version chopping winter, when all these sad and black outfits invade our field of vision.

After all the rainbow manicure is above all an excellent remedy against the ambient gloom. A fact that has not escaped the beauty stars, which loves even, worships the rainbow manicure!

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