Tips For Dressing Well

Dressing Well


The clothes are a reflection of personality. Express her moods, mindsets, etc… And sometimes it happens that we do not know how to display outwardly that happens to us from within.

What should we use each day, which for a special occasion (party, cocktail, wedding, etc.). Is the great dilemma of all, because although many have the closet full of clothes and shoes, often we find it difficult to know what remains well? That’s why we need to tell us what other items are for us and what not. Here I will give this mini-guide, practical and easy to follow, to understand why some items are or not for your body type.

First you have to be clear that what matters is not the final dress, sinotener an own style that can adapt different fashion looks that offers the body of each. In order to choose the clothes you feel better we must bear in mind the physical build, what we emphasize and what to hide. For example, thin women are lucky enough to wear tight clothes or flashy body, while the voluptuous can wear clothing tailored but not tight to the body and neutral colors.

Instead, all the clothes we can add some details that emphasize what we want everyone to see, from some accessories like necklaces and earrings, a good makeup to highlight your eyes or lips, or a striking hairstyle (high hairdos help extend the height, while the hats produced the opposite effect). We must learn to highlight those parts of the body most of us we like, as the eyes (if you have a bright color, it will be a good idea to wear a garment of the same color to highlight them) or hair, which can be carrying out a garment of the same color as this one.

Dressing Well

Diverts attention and show what YOU want.

Experts recommend, first, to divert attention from what you do not want it to look, taking away I do not want displayed. This does not cover or obscure, because when it does the exact opposite is achieved.

So how do you do to divert attention? for this you have to choose neutral colors, fabrics that are not very bright and bold prints and embroidery, and loose garments that do not fit but neither have much fabric. To divert attention from one area we do not like you can put something attractive on the opposite, such as a colorful scarf, a good color for lips, fingernails painted or a good pair of shoes. In short, this is to emphasize the strengths and personal charms.

All females have them, you just have to know. For this, some fashion professionals advise us that we spend some time in the mirror to know us better; detecting what we show and what not, try to leave all our clothes or discard what’s left right and wrong, and so find a proper look. Now we will learn what to wear for every body type:

Low Women: Avoid loud at the bottom of the body, so you should discard the baggy pants, bell skirts below the knee skirts and long dresses to the floor, do you ideal? Long to the knee or above it (the foot tubes) and appropriate shoes (choose the bracelet, type stiletto with very sharp, and not the boots). You have to use high-waisted pants or choose one skinny cut, since they make more slender anatomy.

Above uses short things, like jackets, capelin, and so on. It is recommended to set aside the great accessories like handbags that disproportionately very large figure.

Buxom women should leave out the wide necklines, big collars, the T-shirts and shirts buttoned to the top. The ideal is minimized to the bottom of the figure, do not use mini, but choose the wide or straight pants, ‘and it is best to wear high heels, and languishing.

Women in their early bust: Can wear clothing with elaborate designs, high volume, ruffles, prints (all types), also t-shirts. If you have wide hips also not use any set, and choose garments made of cotton or linen, because it conceals. In choosing the top inflated sleeves, ruffles on the shoulder, batwing sleeves, draped over his chest, embroidery, sequins, etc.. You can use mini, but not too tight. Not to wear dresses to the body type jersey fabric, satin or stretchy.

Women with wide hips: Recommended skirts or pants without pockets, smooth or ruffles or cut-and dresses that make a figure, but that does not accentuate the contrast, or those under the bust size. Choose shirts, shirts or tops that are longer than the hip and a neutral bottom.

Women with extra kilos: Pants must be straight and mid waist belly button (leave the cigarettes). The bias-cut skirts, structured evasee or wedges-should be a few inches below the knee. You can use bags that are hip and mid semientallados. As for the textures, choose heavy cotton, gauze, voiles and silks. Regarding the patterns and colors, lighter colors used in the less bulky and dark body in the most voluptuous avoid very bright colors because they make more apparent those parts that do not want to display.

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