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best products


Shiseido products
Two of the main fronts in the investigation of major cosmetic brands around the world are anti-cellulite treatments and led to common baldness. The Japanese company Shiseido, the world leader in these treatments, reviving one of its flagship products, the Creator and reinvents Body hair loss treatment. Find out why Shiseido is one of the favorite companies of women … and men.

Shiseido Body Creator Aromatic Sculpting Advanced Gel
Today, almost 9 years after its launch, Shiseido introduced a new formula for Body Creator incorporates a revolutionary technology that is able to change the operation of white adipose tissue fat cells to burn fat instead of storing it.

Through a new compound incorporated in the formula, the new Shiseido Body Creator Aromatic Sculpting Advanced Gel gets, and increase the role of UCP1 (protein “fat burning” occurs mainly in brown adipose tissue), where it present does not exist: in the cells of white adipose tissue (white fat cells or “fat cells accumulate.”) Besides losing weight, this new product dramatically improves the skin’s surface.

best products

Body Creator The phenomenon arose shortly after its release. In its first month of sales in Japan, sold a product every 4 seconds, six months after its international release, had already sold over 1,000,000 units. In our country, in its first year of sale, became the best selling anti-cellulite product point of sale. Bring 8 consecutive years as the best-selling anti-cellulite our market (200 ml, 59 €).

Adenogen, first lifeline that activates hair growth
More than 10 years of research in Shiseido laboratories and a new approach in research on androgenetic alopecia (common baldness or male) have resulted in a global discovery: the use of adenosine on hair growth factors raises the capillary and slowing its fall. Thus the miniaturized by alopecia hair grow back thick and vigorous, and become visible again.

This discovery has resulted in global product, Adenogen, the first fall prevention that goes beyond: it stimulates hair growth. The discovery and efficacy of adenosine as an effective ingredient in the hair creciminiento has been officially recognized by the Japanese Ministry of Labour, Health and Welfare.

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