The bases for eye makeup that is!



A beautiful eye makeup that file in the folds at the least heat and end of the day: unthinkable, especially in this season where the parade evenings. But to keep a spruce up even during the craziest party there the foundations shadow.

Transparent, iridescent or downright colorful, they set the makeup and sublime colors. To you the smoky eyes and glitter!

You spent your time for evening makeup, Christmas or New Year, you released the gold eye shadow or glitter , your eyeliners iridescent and colorful , and your amokey eye is perfect. But in the middle of the night, the drama: Your shadow is gone in the folds and ridges are the worst effect.

Yet there was a way to avoid it: the basics of eye shadow ! Thanks to them, your eye makeup held all evening .

Basis, what is it?

The creamy texture in most cases, the basis is applied to the eyelids (flush and lower lashes for the most expert) and allows to keep the eye shadow and the eyeliner throughout the day and evening. The material fills small wrinkles and smooth the eyelid so that the particles bind to perfect makeup. It creates a barrier between the sebum of the skin and the pigments with cosmetics.


How I apply it?

The base applies to the finger. It is more convenient to blend and melt on the eyelid, and in any case the base will be hidden under the eye shadow. Some bases are as a pen or with a foam tip: just drop the material on the lid before spreading to the finger.

Transparent or colored?

The foundations were transparent or flesh colored to better fade on the eyelid. But more and more brands offering foundations iridescent or colored. Used alone or with an eye liner, the foundation makeup color can be a simple and lasts over time. But a colored base can also intensify the color eye shadow that includes wear. And a basic black will bring out all the colors of makeup for smokey eyes intense. A basic gold or glitter makeup will bring out gold, brown and copper, while basic dew will make a miracle of make-up violet, purple or gray…

What color to choose?

Many cosmetic brands offer their own basic eye. So how to choose the correct base?

Consider first the use you do with it: a basic skin color can be worn with any makeup while bases are reserved for colored girls who love make-up and intense color.

Your choice will also be compared to the “nature” of your skin: your eyelids greasy fast? Choose a base texture to dry and top brand if your wallet allows. A brand more accessible to those who should have no major problems with runny makeup or who want just the fix for the day.

But remember: each database Eye behave differently depending on the skin of a person. A database that works great on a friend will not necessarily have the same effect on you!

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