Skin, eyes and mouth, make-up easy and glamorous evening

Skin, eyes and mouth, make-up


For an evening make-up, sometimes just a line of eyeliner well marked, a perfect complexion, a mouth delicately drawn. Easy to write but need to know which product to use and how to apply. After the video, Cosmo goes even further. Find the best products for an evening make-up easy and glamorous.

For those who want a nice evening makeup easy to do yourself, Cosmo offers an evening make-up easy and glamorous. To achieve flawless, you need the right moves and good products.

For the acts, find the video to makeup an easy and glamorous evening on Cosmo TV. For products, Cosmo here you select the best makeup.

What makeup foundation?

To be the most beautiful on the red carpet, you must display a natural skin tone and perfect. With a liquid foundation, you can hide blemishes, reduce redness and even hide the dark circles. If necessary, you use a concealer that will allow to remove all the little flaws.

Last step “foundation” compact powder applied with a brush will help to give the velvety appearance of the skin.

Last step for makeup complexion: the blush. You ask about the cheekbones. Smile; apply the bump to the temples and the smile that’s it!

For an evening make-up, you trade the usual pink for a blush that will give iridescent light. Tip: please recycle your eye shadow. Shadow Shiseido cream, for example, can be applied on the cheekbones for a makeup party.

Skin, eyes and mouth, make-up

What eye makeup?

After your complexion, you attack the makeup of your eyes. To touch the red carpet, you should opt for a look of doe.

First step: the pencil eyebrows. A nice look also involves eyebrow makeup. After having brushed to give them the right move, you hatch using an eyebrow pencil to draw and fill in the gaps.

Second step: the eyeliner. For doe-eyed, one must know how to apply the tool of all fears: the liner. To avoid surprises, you clean the eye area with thermal water. So no greasy film remains on the eye and you can apply eyeliner without risk. When you draw the line along the lash line, you must first leave to return outside the path along the way. Caution Contrary to popular belief, you do not pull the lid on pain of distorting the line.

Never forget that the error can be corrected quickly with a cotton swab. So just get started.

Step Three: mascara. If your line of eyeliner is thick, you apply a volumizing mascara. If so, you prefer to lengthen the lashes. You put the mascara from the inside out.

What lip makeup?

For your lips, is simple: choose a red passion. Glamorous and elegant, it is perfect for an evening makeup. Ask the lipstick is a simple matter. Just from the inside out on the upper lip and you repeat the operation on the lower lip.


For a glamorous evening makeup, less cautious’ll go for false eyelashes for evening and then, for the most fearful, you can disguise your nails with a nice nail polish.

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