Show me your lipstick, I’ll tell you who you are …



If your choice of lipstick color is compared to your tastes, your clothes, your skin tone and fashion of the moment, how to apply it is an implicit choice. It is a gesture that is made automatically, without thinking. Yet it might reveal a lot about you … Draw your stick of lipstick and observe its shape: then, what woman are you?

Round, flat or peak: the shape of your stick of lipstick says a lot about you. You know how to put the lipstick. You know all the tricks to finding the right lipstick. You do not doubt about the color of lipstick to choose from. But did you know that lipstick can also reveal your personality. Draw your lipstick and compare it with the following image – which is reassuring, it also works with a lip balm. So, what woman are you?

Aspect stick 1: the swing

Here is a woman bold, imaginative and a unique sensuality. His strong personality leans toward creative, a quick temper. She loves surprises and a life without routine. And that’s exactly what it looks like her lipstick: it is used on the 2 sides equally, it looks like a drip. The woman ignored the conventions and whistles happiness by drawing his own way.


Aspect stick 2: good girlfriend

From a natural carefree, it’s an eloquent woman who shows an innate diplomacy. His friends often turn to her to ask her advice because she knows how to listen and brings a perspective informed. The stick of lipstick and her way of life follow the same behavior: they are all right 2. Its red is flattened and smooth. Whatever its beauty, women do not feel put in competition with him, and men will not as objects of desire.

Aspect stick 3: the uber-feminine

Soft and feminine, we can say it has a strong need for harmony in his life. At his side, it feels good; it has an easy to understand personality. It’s a wonderful love, a gifted cook and a very loving companion. In life, everything goes as planned it and it leaves no chance to chance. Even using her lipstick does not escape him.

Aspect stick 4: the business woman

Confident, calm, cultured, this woman has a love of detail. Behind each of these companies are hiding a lot of energy and creativity. With an exceptional memory, she does not know the bitterness and is constantly surrounded by friends. The stick of lipstick is a peak into the sky, while as his vision of the future. His temperament is indomitable; his place is definitely not behind the stove.

Aspect stick 5: the emotional

She is a woman sensitive, thoughtful and reserved. “To be happy live hidden” describes it perfectly, this is how she expresses her femininity at best. The search for understanding, friendship and closeness, but the surprise disappointment from time to time. This trend speaks to privacy in part by pressure on the stick of lipstick, which clearly shows a “bowl”. In contact with romantic words, poems and appealing lyricism, it will turn into the hottest of lovers.

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