Recipes alleviate widening the pores of the skin and restore its glory



It is the skin, are all women regardless of their age, they are always on the alert because of its sensitivity and severe vulnerability to many factors, such as acne, which can be invaded at any stage of life because of changing hormones, pollution and others, or pores open that could be give your skin look unattractive.

As many of you know dealing with acne, they may be unaware of dealing with the pores and they consider necessary evil that Ataaishn with him, although it can be treated as easily explain specialist Sana Jaber.

These pores are the openings that help the skin to get rid of oils, dust and dirt accumulated by, and which benefit the skin of the benefits of care products and absorb the necessary food, but when these pores phenomenon it indicates that the expansion is due to the accumulation of dirt on the surface, causing appearance of blackheads and pimples as well.

She also states that several reasons contribute to the accumulation of dirt and the identification is necessary to prevent them; the start of the main reason lies in that oily skin because of the excretion of a large amount of oils appear more open pores of the skin dry or normal.

Valzi that comes out of them settled around the pores and lead to its expansion and the appearance of deposits clogging the pores of the skin, and the survival hinders the ability of pores to contract normally, increasing the expansion.


The second reason is due to sun exposure and excessive that it leads to increased thickness of the skin, and then the accumulation of new cells around the pores on the breadth of what works and the secretion of large amounts of fat on the surface, and becomes visible to the naked eye.

The third reason is a factor of genetics, as well as the role of cosmetics such as creams and powder-ROM is primarily a thick structure that encourages the expansion when it is not cleaned before going to sleep.

Hence, the cleaning is important, along with other steps do not quite identify them to overcome this problem:

  • Cleaning the skin twice a day, while avoiding putting hands on the face, so you do not have the movement of pollutants.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to the sun, with the use of condoms for protection from the strong rays.
  • Masks the natural works to tighten pores and reduce the visibility, as well as careful to wash the face with cold water to reduce the rate of secretion of the fat and reduce the size of the pores.
  • Choose cosmetics carefully, they are able to reduce the impurities and the emergence of problems in the event was a good occasion for the quality of your skin and vice versa, and never forget to use a special moisturizing cream to reduce the pores before applying make-up.
  • Use soap for oily skin that has a little bit of fatty acids, if you suffer from open pores.
  • Dry your face with a towel especially taking into account the kindness and tenderness in the drying.
  • Drink orange juice daily, it contains vitamin C, which enters in the composition of collagen and maintains the integrity of skin cells.

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