Pupa Christmas Collection 2011

Pupa Christmas


Christmas is coming and this year for the famous Italian brand of cosmetics Pupa presents a beautiful collection of boxes and cosmetic bag, the high costs and the secure element of surprise, for a very special Christmas gift.

New this year at home Pupa fact for Christmas 2011, the leading brand makeup is as glamorous, oh yes, that’s right, notice for all fashion victims, will be very hard to resist the new boxes Pupa.

The cosmetic bag that has made this Christmas Pupa are very glam, very good gift idea for all lovers of fashion, so for most women.

The makers of caskets Pupa were inspired by the runways of high fashion; in fact, the cosmetic bag was made with fine fabrics and chic and with a keen attention to detail.

If you have no idea what to give, here Pupa Christmas Collection 2011 will solve the problem, with an excellent value for money you can choose from four versions of boxes:

Pupa Christmas

  • Pupa dolls Doll;
  • The trunks of the Vanity Collection;
  • palettes to-wear;
  • line in the shape of a butterfly Miss Butterfly.

These boxes are combined with the wonderful scents of Air Fio, also began with a very fashionable!

We begin by describing the cosmetic bag Pupa Doll Dolls: they are the real stars of this collection, the spearheads of the line haute couture Pupa Christmas 2011. They are real cloth dolls dressed very chic, trendy, and above all different colors.

Inside contain cosmetic quality for a very fashion and makeup trends, with the possibility of having two color combinations, or those suitable for hot and brown and cold, and more for girls blond or brown clear.

The Pupa Doll is available in two formats, the big, big doll, at a cost of 52.40 euros and the small, small doll, which costs 21.00 euros. For both formats, then you can have the dolls with 7 different looks of clothing, namely:

Pupa Christmas

  • Red Mix: Solar for the woman, who loves to dare with the look;
  • Black & White: for those super-trendy women from the soul;
  • Passion Dots: for the most passionate, they love to seduce even the clothing and make-up;
  • Paris Touch for women who want to continually enhance their femininity;
  • Bon Ton Ballet: perfect for women who love romantic daydreaming;
  • London Street Style: for strong women and dynamics;
  • Diva’s Style: for true divas who like to impress with their looks.

And now we continue with the Trunks Vanity Collection: Pupa a classic home are just the trunks, made this year with a bouquet of flowers and refined fabrics and glamorous at the same time.

Within these are trunks of drawers with a beautiful make-up that will surprise really, because every cosmetic bag contains: 1 blush compact, compact earth 1, 1 mascara, 1 eye pencil, compact eyeshadow with glitter 3, 3 eye shadow compact, 2 applicators eyes, 9 ultra-bright lipstick.

Even for the two trunks are combinations of colors, each one with warm colors and cool tones, and their cost is roughly about 42.30 euros.

The Palette Porter: I’m really perfect as a gift for women who might like to practice to bring the cosmetic bag to touch up your make-up at any time of day. They are very colorful and are available in seven different versions, always divided between two shades of color cosmetics.

Each palette contains: 1 blush compact, 1 mascara, 4 eyeshadow compact, eye applicator 1, 4 ultra-bright lipstick, the price is 22.00 euros.

Pupa Christmas

Miss Butterfly: could not miss the timeless cosmetic bag shaped like a butterfly, a symbol of femininity, present in all collections, Beauty and fashion style reinterpreted this time for Christmas.

Each butterfly cosmetic bag contains 2 eye shadows and 2 lip gloss compact ultra-bright, always divided into two basic shades of warm and cool colors, and costs 14.00 euros.

You just have to choose which box you prefer Pupa because he really thought all of you to please every taste different, good shopping!

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