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Olay Products


Before buying a wrinkle cream and moisturizing of a brand we’ve never tried it, nothing is more cash to buy it safe to get into the forums of beauty. Freely and naturally, opinions and personal experiences of beauty products are clear indicators only. In this context always surprising to the good acceptance of certain products and brands such as Olay, which highlights not only excellent value but also its effectiveness and results?

An opinion and products that, interestingly, different generations share even as those formed by mother and daughter. While a used Olay Regenerist moisturizer that belongs to the range high accuracy solution, and the other prefers to opt for the Total Effects range, the common denominator is that both are delighted with the results of its anti-wrinkle creams and hidratandes.

Regenerist range:
OLAY Regenerist Cream SPF30 flawless skin to combat premature aging caused by sun, Olay Regenerist Cream SPF30 Flawless Skin is a new anti-aging cream with amino peptide that day is rapidly absorbed and is not fat. Contains SPF 30 which protects against signs of aging caused by sun 365 days a year. For best results, apply Olay Regenerist Cream SPF30 Flawless Skin on skin clean and dry every morning after 3 Olay Regenerist Serum Intensive Care areas, and use Olay Regenerist Serum and Cream 3 care areas.

Olay Regenerist Serum Intensive Care 3 Areas
The Daily Regenerating Serum Regenerist anti-aging, one of the most innovative products of Olay, contains powerful anti-aging agents to effectively stop the signs of aging. The serum regenerates the outer layer of the skin, hydrates and improves smoothness as well as improving its appearance and condition immediately.

Olay Products

OLAY Regenerist Cream 3 Intensive Care Areas
For skin fresh and younger looking in the most difficult to treat: around the eyes, oval face and neck. Contains the most concentrated amino peptide formula of Olay to treat difficult areas that some products ignore.

Total Effects range:
Olay Total Effects Day Cream Activator Activator Formulated with peppermint extract instantly leaves the skin fresh and hydrated more intensely. Lines and wrinkles start to form is minimized, visibly reducing their appearance. Moreover, Olay Total Effects Cream Day Activities unifies the tone, color balancing and matching the tone noticeably. Also retuned the pores, minimizing their appearance, providing more light to the skin and reducing blemishes.

Olay Total Effects with a Touch of Concealer
To rejuvenate the eyes without much effort. Combines anti-aging effects 7 in 1 with a touch of concealer Max Factor. Reduces the appearance of fine lines, hydrates and nourishes, enhances skin tone, gently exfoliates and helps reduce bags under the eyes.

OLAY Total Effects Touch Makeup with a Instantly, a younger looking skin and uniform. Combines anti-aging effects 7 in 1 with a touch of Max Factor makeup. Reduces the appearance of fine lines, hydrates and nourishes, firms the skin, gently exfoliates, reduces the appearance of pores and brightens the skin of the face. With antioxidants, is available in two shades: Medium and intense.

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