Lipstick: winter in tube



Chanel says it all
Among the joys due to a new season, tops the list of discovered collections makeup fresh. Ready? It pierces the mysteries beauty of winter 2011 with Julie Cusson, national makeup artist at Chanel. And we began the lesson with our charm tool of choice, the lipstick. In your notebooks!

The timing of the red…

They arrived, the flakes. Our smile, always looking for new inspirations, is bound by the good graces of two pallets … who oppose and complement each other. Now Playing: Red inflamed and sophisticated neutrals. Oh, inviting!

“Red is always present, and stands out in three versions. There are pure red, and those who go to the orange, and finally the grapes – burgundy rather than blue. “Now, the prescription of our infallible fairy in color as follows: Collection of Christmas, the sparkling Chanel, and the Rouge Allure shade famous ($ 40).”This pure red satin finish contains some gold, that’s why he goes to everyone,” says Julie.


“In contrast, among the trends, there is the nude side. One thinks of beige and pink very, very pale. “So for the winter at least, never underestimate the effect of neutrals on a smile!

Speech & velvet patch of light

She burned her lips, then we have the opportunity to ask question to the expert make-up “matte or sparkling?”

And the answer came in a tone sound. “The mat is very chic this winter. But be careful not to say dull drying effects. “Julie reassures us:” With the development of manufacturing techniques, matte lipsticks are now satin, not dry. “Try, in category: Rouge Allure Velvet, The Fascinating ($ 40). So enveloping, you will love it!. In addition to these innovative new tubes, one must also know that the traditional (or completely matte, not too sparkling) into the same outlet.


Despite the reign of some lipstick, lip gloss “light” does not, however, the list of forgotten ones. Especially these days when one adheres to the tendency of neutral. Once again, Julie gives us his precious inspirations “when out, superimpose in the Far Brilliant Sparkle gold ($ 31) at Red Allure grade Intoxicated ($ 40), a rose that is alive and well throughout the day.”It is obtained then this Oumph necessary when in Mission 5-7.

If caused application?
And my teeth, they?! To sublimate the white teeth, according to our pro brush, no silver bullet has yet been made in the industry make-up.

Too bad! However, you can control the look by choosing a yellowish red containing blue pigments. Or simply, turn instead to the tendency of beige-pink. One thing is certain: Avoid reds and oranges if the color of your teeth is a concern.

A final issue. “It is essential that the lips are impeccable before to achieve the look,” warns Julie. This avoids cracks by hydrating the surface thoroughly first. His careful choice? Hydramax + Active Balm ($ 45), as it melts on the lips to leave no residue. “Because it is colorless, it also helps avoid to fork the shade of lipstick.” But if it’s a boost of hydration needs your pout, “drill a capsule of vitamin E, as will lie on your lips. ”

Held infallible. In addition to smooth the lips, the balm will take up the color. And as Julie knows a lot of red on the application, it continues: “an old trick of makeup is to apply a little foundation or concealer, and then redraw the mouth with a pencil outline of the lips. “It begins with the contours of the smile, and is filled. Then place the lipstick. Covering a base, that will enhance the holding of the red, and more to ignore the imperfections.

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