If you do not Tgidenha .. The best ways to rubbing and peeling skin

peeling skin


Gone are the days spent our skin in a recession during the long days of winter, and came days are the days of spring and that they must be using another system for the skin, through to completely get rid of skin winter and the renewal of another type of skin during the spring .. Skin is always vibrant.

On the other hand, the skin needs to feel lively and fresh air of large amounts of soft drinks, and never all that important step, a step peel and rub the skin. Peel will enhance your skin; to get rid of the crust layer is not easy, so we will mention some of the ways in

Which you must follow:
Face, must be rubbing and peeling face gently in the spring once a week, but for the products of good that you should use if you want to exfoliate your face are products Clinique’s seven days scrub cream, due to its many benefits and recovery that you add to your skin after use, but if your skin type sensitive Fastkhaddma another kind of peeling treatment and rubbing through your doctor first.

peeling skin

Massage therapy era:
The treatment period is through massage, which must be Tstkhaddmah after rubbing and peeling skin, and the product that you should Tstkhaddmah after massage Glam glow’s Exfoliating Mud Mask, which contains substances similar to those used on the beach; in order to cover the skin and absorb toxins and remove cells dead skin.

Is also a product of Dr perricon’s cleansing treatment Bar treatment every day because it contains acids Algelaekolec as well as virgin olive oil and clean the surface of the skin and dry skin cells that Ojhdha winter, helping the product also in the redness of natural skin and remove signs of aging.

On the other hand is the product of great importance to get rid of dry elbows and ankles ancient; so as to give them a brighter appearance.
Lips: Thin skin to become dry and cracked lips during the winter, when the arrival of spring, they need more attention such as the face completely.

peeling skin

If you want to care Bashvahec Vltistkhaddma product Bodyshop Lip scuff and that is used once a day and no more than that, is this product important; because it will rid the lips of the dead cells and works to hydrate and make it in the best case.

Chest: For chest and get rid of dry, dead cells, it is recommended using the Elemental Herbology’s beach prep in order to contain many enzymes fruits moisten the skin and make it softer, as well as its ability in the process of balancing pigments in the skin of your chest.

Forearms: Where is the disposal of dead and damaged skin is very difficult, therefore, recommended to use the product Konjac sponge, a herbal product derived from the Japanese even give you the necessary benefits.

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