How to Keep Feet Soft and beautiful with a home routine



The feet are in constant body parts and constant tension. They are what sustains us, moves us and gives us stability, and suffer daily friction shoe, impoverished outstanding bonds, and the incessant movement of our day to day.

All these stresses cause dry areas, rough, and a deteriorated appearance, not to mention pain and fatigue at the end of the day. But you can give simple solution to these ailments is already unsightly appearance, giving special attention to these two ends so precious.

Every day during the shower, you can give a massage to your feet. At lather, try to sit, lift one at the floor, and practice gentle massage with your fingers. You can use a pumice stone or an item to scrape gently scrubs the heels, toes and instep, thereby removing dead cells and dirt attached. After the shower, remember to dry them gently, especially between the toes to prevent fungus growth.


After the shower, when you’re increment the body, remember tuspies repeat the task. Often we tend to forget the importance of hydrating and nourishing our feet, including plants and heels, long-suffering.

Once a week or as often as they want, you can make a simple treatment, beauty and wellness, which will give your feet the proper rest and careful both need and deserve. To carry out this routine, you need a wide and deep container (like a bowl) where your feet fit comfortably.

Fill the container with warm water, soap, glycerin soap. Try a warm temperature, but not much. Take off your shoes, clean and massage to relax a bit lospies and promote good blood circulation, and then immerse them in warm water or warm. Stay there, soaking and relaxing your feet, about 10 to 15 minutes.

Then, remove one of your feet, gently pat dry, and apply an exfoliating cream (polishes), special preference for feet. Gently massage to effect the action of the cream, not forgetting the heels.

After you’ve massaged and exfoliated each foot well, rinse with warm water to remove all traces of this cream. Dry them gently. You can take advantage to go over with a pumice stone, re-rinse and dry.

Then apply a moisturizer and nourishing, massaging gently with your fingers. The cream should be absorbed in its entirety. Apply more cream if you think necessary, while relaxing massage to the entire surface of your feet.

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