How do you choose the right lipstick



The experience of the lipstick directly offered for sale directly on the lips may cause sensitivity to women, so it’s best to experiment by fingertip or palm of the hand, this region is closest to the color and composition of the lips.

When you purchase must be selected brands good as they remain a long time and do not subject the lips to dry and sensitive, if the skin brown and black hair, most colors are appropriate, especially red and purple and violet, but if the skin Kamhiyah and hair black, all shades of red, the color integrity, color, conciliator and brown colors and beige are the most appropriate.

In the case of pale skin, the matching is the bright red color varying from light pink private and also beige, and her white skin and blond hair are advised to selecting color tone pink and orange, and red hair fits her lipstick colors brown and bronze.

Choose a lipstick to Evening Makeup
Choose the right color for the color of your skin and is suitable for color Vstank, put a little bit of Vaseline on a piece of cotton clean and rub your lips well and then Leave for two minutes, in order to prove lipstick on your lips Hadddaha by selection, but not color match the color of the rouge which Ststkhaddmah, and try to be specifically thin and dark or exaggerated to avoid adhesion of the color of lipstick your teeth, your finger on the Edei Bashvtic to rid yourself of color stuck the inner lips. And Bashvtic Click on a tissue to remove excess color.

If you are a women with oily skin and suffer from the exit of line color for lips and put a period after the cream Put your lips on the basis of Hadddaha pen and then put a layer of light powder on the lips.


For beautiful lips and attractive
Reflected lip gloss and beauty, the beauty of the face Vezadh glamorous and beautiful .. And add take care of it for the face brighter .. The secret beauty of the lips in the care of and not neglected, do not rely solely on the lipstick to highlight the beauty .. Valchweh need of care and attention because it is covered with a thin, weak layer of the skin which facilitates Thqgah and dry, making it look pale wilted without vital.

Here’s how to care for lips

  • Avoid the habit of sucking lips moistened as it disappears after moisturizing the lips become dry and cracked, and lead the way also cause wounds are prone to contamination.
  • Use a cream base to protect your lips from the sun by exposure to cracking.
  • After that wash your face licked your lips a wet towel with warm water, then apply moisturizer and leave a little to absorb into the skin, then use a soft toothbrush and very Houliha in a circular motion over the lips to remove any dead cells.
  • Grease your lips every night of the material moistened lips Kzbdh cocoa, and make sure it is free of any chemical substance may cause you allergy.

To Tmda age makeup doctrinaire following

  • Put lipstick and make-up tray in the refrigerator, it will probably use it for long.
  • Clean lipstick Mpelol wipe with a tissue after each use, and if you notice that the lipstick smell has changed or dried surface should get rid of it.
  • If a boat Lip Pencil to an end, and it became difficult to use it in its present form to pass on the lips, you can bring a small flat-pack boxes of medicine, and dump the content of a pen inside the lips, and then will be able to use it easily by brush … This method also helps you to mix different colors of lipstick to get to the color that suits you.
  • To use the lipstick correctly preferred to use a new brush up lasts longer.

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