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Hairstyle trends


Denis Binet reveals his techniques
During the last Fashion Week as Montreal, scroll through the spring-summer 2012 creations of our creators. Since it is rather cold season comes, we tend to store these visions of the bridge for a few months.

But be careful, forward-thinking beauty, you book the details of two of the latest in beauty techniques have wandered … to adopt now.

Denis Binet, master of the objectives of the happening and spokesperson for Pantene Pro-V, the floor is yours!

“Imagine a girl in broad daylight in southern Italy, in a field may be. The clothing collection is rather Barila made of pastel colors bright and fresh, I wanted to create something romantic, yet contemporary. So I built two textures of hair in the salon. ”

“Wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner suited to your type of hair, and then dry them completely.

Take a separation on the side, not too low but long enough.

Crimp the hair in full, within two inches of the root, with an iron.

This will give you a sponge volume. It need not be accurate because it is looking for a contemporary look.

Project the head back and tie the ends of your hair for up to three inches of the tips. Preferably use small elastic transparent.

Take the tip of the hair, roll it from underneath and anchor it in the ground with three or four pins bobby pins type. Let the strands that frame the face to fall freely. ”

Hairstyle trends

Pro Tip
“To achieve the desired volume, use the foam volume triple action Style Hair for Pantene Pro-V to damp hair just before drying. The hair will be stronger and before being embossed. And in the final, use the spray volume to soft feel Hair Solutions for Pantene Pro-V, which will give good control and get rid of static. ”

“For this collection, the clothes were highly feminine and romantic, but very contemporary. So we thought to create a hairstyle referring to the English romanticism of the 19th century. A time when women were strong, and where poetry was also part of their lives. ”

“After washing hair, dry them at 50%.
Apply smoothing cream relaxer and style hair medium to thick Pantene Pro-V to provide control and luster to the hair.

Make a separation in the middle, and then do a low ponytail, taking care not to attach the hair on the sides of the face (at the temples).

Separate the ponytail in two to three strands and braid each.

Turn each braid around the elastic, so as to create a little ballerina bun. Do take the braids with pins.

Take each of the strands that you have not attached and bring them back in smoothing the way that they cover a part of the ear. Then just attach the wick around the bun with bobby pins.

Finish with a touch of anti-humidity hairspray Hair Style Medium to thick Pantene Pro-V. ”

Pro Tip
“The important thing to cap off this look is to smooth the two locks on the side to complete the romance and poetry. Consider your face shape to place the strands of the most advantageous. ”

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