Hair: My plan of attack beauty



For the beauty of your hair is no longer a headache this year, find out without delay all the good resolutions to be adopted. Simple gestures, small tips and good products, never curling a nervous breakdown every morning in the bathroom!

Hair brilliant shine
The best way to bring the shine to a dull mane like straw? The color !
And yes, as strange as it may seem, the pigments contained in formulating intensely reflect light.

The ideal? Opt for shades of red . But I can see you pull your hair behind your screen saying: From the red? No way! Well aware that you would be wrong to deprive yourself because it is the red pigment that reveal the most shine of hair. For blondes, no reason to fear: the rendering is not “Hair carrot” if you opt for a golden or gilded Venetian take on the copper …

For the most reluctant: Some highlights ultra-discreet enough. .. For the fans of natural, we leave aside the colo, and go to Grandma’s remedy . After shampooing, rinse your hair with the cold water and not finish a mixture of water and apple vinegar or lemon juice. The advantage of this potion? Residues of limestone or care disappear and give way to a brilliant shine! And we do not ignore the curly manes.

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