Forums on Beauty: By Francesca Camps

Forums on Beauty


Few, very few of us has ever entered a beauty forum, an option exchange of quick, dynamic and effective place to find answers to any questions on matters of beauty, makeup, or aesthetics. Currently any media dedicated to beauty has a forum, some more successful than others because it comes into view the number of visits and responses of each subject, data that, for now, remain non-manipulable and, therefore credible. These numbers, of course, we also indicate the current level, satisfaction and interest for each forum topics.

Telva, Vogue, Glamour or Piece of cake are just some of the most popular forums on the Internet you can find easily, but the list is long since any topic could be discussed through a forum. For example, for looking to share tips and tricks on beauty, makeup, creams, hair, fashion, beauty forum is one of the options chosen by women.

Forums on Beauty

In this forum, the subjects are abundant with dynamic flow responses that can reach thousands of visitors. One of the most current issues and is now generating very intense flow in the beauty forum is the revolutionary Dr. Dukan diet: 17,849 visits with 1047 responses. At the same forum, the topic “Daily Diet” has generated 38,305 views and 3642 replies. And is that a good forum engaging, make friends, express your concerns without complexes, receive answers based on the experience of others and empathize with naturalness and spontaneity.

Another forum to bear in mind is that of needs no introduction, I mean Telva, a media icon of beauty in Spain. Some forum threads Telva beauty, as the recent creation of the “Club of the Cuarentaneras” 7260 has made 869,341 visits and responses to a four star rating.

The striking theme of “sandwich diet” is another issue Telva star forum, as well as “Does anyone have a vibrating platform?”

Are also highly valued consultations on beauty products of certain firms? Foundations, moisturizers, wrinkle, prices, features and results are discussed, analyzed and compared, making beauty in these forums as an information tool immediate, effective and practical unsurpassed.

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