Exercises for a firm abdomen



Here we bring you a routine that only uses 10 minutes of your precious time burning up till 150 calories daily. This allows us to shape a firm, flat abdomen that will allow us to keep us in a fine texture and thin.

  • Turn the rope; we start first with two turned to the satos with the rope.
  • Inclinarce on a plate, bearing in mind that for this type of exercise you first have to stand with feet away wing height above the shoulders and the heather deployed on the sides. Care and patience Comucho head bending forward bringing the hands to the ground, with a slope only move your feet and then grabbing the other end bearing on the position and then to make the plate. And then hang back squat and then stand up.
  • Turn the rope repeatedly but this just go with one jump per turn.
  • Continue to exercise the second minute and then the plate to help the right arm the ground by rotating the body so the left foot chipping on the right way and you want to lift the left arm over your head, then re-rotated back toward the center and then continue back to the other side. Returning to center repeat the squat and go up again
  • Make a reservation after just those few minutes 3Y4
  • Continue successively a squatting position and that of the plate. Then lift your right foot about 25 inches lower it and repeat the same way with the left foot. Continually wing back squat. Get up and do it again on again.

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