Evening Hairstyle: Hair, I attached!

Evening Hairstyle


Banana bun or ponytail, this year’s Eve, my hair I tie them! Come draw all our ideas for hair shine beautiful for the holiday season.

This year it is decided, you offer to your mane a perfect hairstyle for Christmas Eve! What could be more sophisticated that a bun or a home? Discover without delay our hairstyle ideas to be on top of your beauty in the Christmas and New Year ‘s timeless hair Banana For all those who take on their next rock, go for the fashion attitude in proudly wearing a bun banana give punch to your style ! Home games were put on creativity. The mats are mixed and unusual expressions!

Full, rounded volumes certainly brighten your face … The effect “shell” rather tempted by an ultra sophisticated style? Is favored when the hair with a shell effect trendy for a frank and net profit!

loops endlessly And if you have a wavy mane natural, do not worry!

Ties while loops are also very chic. With such volume and flexibility, you will certainly jealous of …

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