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A great novelty in the world of physical beauty is permanent hair removal; this has become the most sought after hair removal method for women today. Offering great comfort and advantages not previously exist.

Laser hair removal or waxing
Hair removal or laser hair removal, manage to give a clean appearance to our skin, sweeping away unwanted hair permanently from any part of the body, remove from the hair follicle, leaving it smooth, clean, no visible pores or pimples that appear uncomfortable often after other methods of hair removal, such as wax or blade.

Laser hair removal is the most efficient and modern way to remove body hair. It is destroying the hair follicle by the laser light without damaging the pores or the structure of the skin, so that the hair does not back out.

There has never been as effective a method of hair removal, so durable and so comfortable.

Making it the ideal laser hair removal system at the present time.

Some of the most common questions that we usually do before deciding on permanent hair removal:

Are there different types of lasers?
If today we can find in specialized different methods of hair removal, depending on skin type and hair a different technique is advised, having one for each woman according to the features.
What types of laser hair removal exist and what would be the best for me?

The hair removal is an intense pulsed light laser, which emits fire like a photo flash, hence the name of hair removal. Removes unwanted hair anywhere on the body. Unlike fixed-wavelength lasers, this system is the only one who can adapt the wavelength to the color of the skin as the thickness and depth of hair from each patient.

Body Beauty

The hair removal works on the hair follicle through the hair color, with the help of a transmitter that gel applied to the skin when it comes to treatment, making it ideal for strong, dark hair and light skin, of this way the laser works only on hair color.

During treatment of pulsed light energy is absorbed by the pigment of the hair raising its temperature and induce heat into the follicle, but some energy, flows through the dermis and is absorbed by the bulb.

This energy, specific and exclusive hair removal can permanently damage most of the germ cells responsible for hair growth.

After treatment, the hair follicle is damaged and removed by a physiological process of natural decay, resulting in long-term hair removal.

Laser Diode
With this type of laser hair follicle destruction is done by transmitting heat to the hair pigment (melanin) that converts the follicle without damaging the skin. Conductive gel is not needed, because a piece of the laser is applied to the skin, producing a cooling which prevents pain and possible burns. Each laser shot (one per second), is capable of destroying the hair follicles that exist in a box of nine millimeter, so it is very fast.

Yang Deonimio Laser
The laser is ideal for patients with brown skin because it acts on the vasculature that nourishes the hair having little affinity for melanin.

Yag laser provides a high energy invisible beam that passes through the skin without causing any harm and can get to the root of the hair in the follicle, however deep and thick that it is.

Yag laser is very safe since the involvement of melanin in the skin is minimal, so it can be applied any time of year, even in summer and in any brown skin that is.

Is laser hair removal painful?
There are many centers of beauty that announce the final hair is completely painless say, this is not entirely true. Depending on the area, the most sensitive in itself which is somewhat painful, but bearable. In case you need anesthesia are creams that act as local analgesics and bought in pharmacies.

Do you need a very long treatment?
Sometimes if it can be a long treatment of several months, because even though the session is fast, for example, underarm hair removal session lasts 20 minutes. This will have to repeat about 5 or 6 sessions, depending on the needs of each person. Between sessions we have a term of one or two months in which the hair must follow a process before repeating the treatment, first falls naturally and then grows increasingly weak so we need to wait for the hair appears again before returning to repeat the session.

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