Beauty: The favorites of the season to save our skin



Ouch, the return of our sunny holiday is always the same problem. Our tan is marred with buttons that would not even be suspected, our skin becomes dry … Result, our face is not really shining. Fortunately, you Cosmo reserved its products SOS favorites for your life.

Not always easy to take the right actions of school to afford a perfect complexion.

Fortunately, there are miracle products to prepare your skin to climate change, schedule and lifestyle.

Easy to use, easy to implement and carry (for some), they make your life easier everyday.

  • To give a boost to our skin:
    It uses a serum that contains hyaluronic acid to regenerate the cells of our skin and rejuvenate as in Vichy.
    Result: a peach complexion immediately when applied morning and night and without oversight.

  • To erase the unwanted imperfections:
    We choose a cream 2 in 1 as with Biotherm: anti-aging and anti-imperfections. Forgotten, redness, spots and roughness of your skin.
    We opt for an organic form, more concentrated in active cleansing and antibacterial. Presented in a roll-on at home Sanoflore, it is ideal to cope buttons and offer a smooth skin.

  • The cream-road to take anywhere:
    As with Kiehl’s , we prefer it when it is composed of flowers , known for their regenerative properties of the skin.
  • A willingness to apply on our face when we feel a slight attack due to pollution, a few rays of sun, cold, heat …

  • Key make-up needed:
  • The cleansing, as long as you choose.
    The must: it must be nourishing and strengthening the natural defenses of the skin can breathe better.

Like what, you do not need to have a bathroom filled with a dozen products. The important thing is to have the key to having beautiful skin at all times.

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