Beauty: favorite high-tech of the season



Back to school beauty Autumn-Winter 2011 will unveil its next geek.

The program includes foundation powders 3D effect, rejuvenating serums, creams reboots wonders for our skin … Cosmo you selected its 10 innovative products of the season.

Each school year, it’s the same refrain, we want to keep his tan in the summer and prepare your skin for winter. But in the end we never really know what actions to adopt and care to choose.

The only solution? Make shopping a successful reentry with cosmetics suitable for our skin. And this year, the focus is on innovation. Nothing better to sublimate our skin.

To afford a flawless complexion:

  • We treat your skin with multi-vitamin serums which gives our skin its elements indispensables to find his sweet baby. Are also used sera that reactivate certain cells that have been put to sleep because of the sun or pollution?
  • Every morning, use an anti-aging cream that reduces redness, spots and roughness of your skin for an even complexion. Guaranteed healthy glow.
  • Every night, apply a cream containing hyaluronic acid to cause a bullwhip effect on our skin and rejuvenate.
  • To look good without make-up of abuse:
    At the level of prenatal care make-up:

    • Our skin is covered with a skin illuminator that leaves zero trace and protects our makeup for the day.
    • It chooses foundation foam (the trend) to better moisturize our skin.
    • It is a course (two weeks) serum antioxidant to find a peach complexion adapted to each skin type.

    Makeup tips:
    Is used:

    • A powder -gel mid, mid-powder on the cheekbones (healthy glow insured) or the pixels of powder (as in Clarin) s fighting dullness when you’re tired.
    • Shadow antioxidant and revitalizing cream for the eyes: they sublimate and treat the outline of our eyes.

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